19 Things You Should Never Apologize For As Women!

By- Shreya Sharma

Being apologetic for everything is probably not what is required. Sure, there are plenty of things we should apologize for if you do them, but there are things you should just stop saying sorry for. Being a girl does not mean you are here to be apologetic for everything you do. You should never apologize for your choices because after all it is your life and you have the right to live it your way. Here are 19 things you should never apologize for as women.

  1. Your libido

You should not be sorry for wanting or not wanting sex all time. Ignore the people who slut shame you or call you prude because it is none of their business.


  1. Sexual orientation

You do not owe anyone an apology about your sexual orientation. It is totally normal and NOT YOUR FAULT. Do not let anybody treat you like you did anything wrong.

  1. Not being interested in someone

You do not owe your time or attention to anyone. If you are not interested, you need not be sorry.

  1. Not interested in having kids

There is nothing wrong if you do not want to become a mother. Not every woman wants it.


  1. The way you balance your life

Do not let people decide if you should stay at home or go out. Do what is best for you and your family without being apologetic.

  1. When you pamper yourself

You have so many responsibilities on you, so you should never say sorry for pampering yourself and having you-time.

  1. The love of your life

If yours SO respects you and cares enough for you, you need not be apologetic for who you love.


  1. For makeup

Men do not have any say in how much makeup we wear. Wearing it or not, is completely your choice and you do not have to apologize for it.

  1. Cutting off frenemies

It is always better to drop frenemies and toxic people from your life. do not apologize for it even if someone tries to guilt you.

  1. About what you wear

If you like it and feel comfortable wearing it, then who cares. You need not be apologetic for what you wear.


  1. For not being married

If you and your man are happy in a relationship without being married, it is absolutely fine. You do not have to apologize for it if it is so not your kind of thing.

  1. Your ‘guilty’ pleasures

You are free to watch or do anything in your downtime, do not apologize for it. And if people try to make you feel bad, block them because who needs negativity in their life.

  1. Using curse words

Sometimes, in certain situations, curse words are the right words to use. If you want, use them freely and do not apologize for using it.


  1. Bottle feeding

Not everyone can or wants to breastfeed. You tried but it did not work out. You do not need to be apologetic for this or do not owe any explanation.

15. Changing your decision

It is normal to change your mind or viewpoint over a time period. You need not be apologetic or let people make you feel guilty about that.

16. Being emotional

You are human and you have emotions which are perfectly normal. You do not have to apologize for showing your emotions or for crying at romantic movies.


17. Being a social media addict

If you love Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other social platform, it is normal. You should not be apologetic if you want to stay in touch with your friends and family.

18. Saying no

You do not owe anyone an explanation or apology for saying no. Your life, your rules! Simple!

19. Resting bitch face

You need not be apologetic for having resting bitch face.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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