10 Things To Do Instead Of Getting Married In Your 20s!

By- Shreya Sharma

A normal life span goes like by 23 we are looking for job for us and by 25 our parents are looking for a groom for us. Is this what we really want form our life? To be married and have kids in our 20s like a few of our friends? Let’s not fall into the trap of this normal life and be a bit adventurous because your 20s is the time you got to spend on yourself that you will cherish forever. Here are the things to do instead of getting married in your 20s.

  1. Hit the gym

Take care of your body by sweating it all out and getting fit for the years to come.

  1. Solo trip

This will be your confidence booster and a sheer great competition to the pictures of honeymoon posted by your friends. Have a beautiful and memorable experience by taking a solo trip.

  1. Live alone

Try to live alone at least once in your life; it will bring you the best lessons of your life.

  1. Spend time with your parents

Our parents have been trying their best to make our life comfortable and luxurious, its time we pay back and do something good for them.

  1. Time for hobbies

If you love to sing or dance or collecting anything, it is your time to do that. Either join a class or just sit down and do that.

  1. Learn a new skill

Have fun and try out the thing you were planning to do since forever. It could be your swimming class, salsa class or anything, just do it.

  1. Party it out

Once you are married and have kids, it will difficult for you to get time out of your schedule to party so do it now. Party like a badass!!

  1. Save money

Bring the gullak days back in your life. Have a gullak or you can even deposit it in the bank, save money so that you can Phodo the gullak or withdraw your money to get your desire done. It could be for you or your parents or anything but make it one habit.

  1. Keep a pet

Nothing is more warming than coming back to home and your pet running around you with happiness and licking you. They are the sweetest.

  1. Work for your dream job

Quit the job you have been doing just for the sake of money or anything. Take up the job you love and dream about.

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