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14 Most Sensitive Places You Should Kiss Your Man!

By- Shreya Sharma

Want your man to turn on your man with some crazy sensations? Do not do not directly jump on to work on his member because there are a lot you can do to send some chilling sensations down his body. Place your mouth on other sensitive zones of his body to tease him and make him beg for more. Here are 14 most sensitive places you should kiss your man.

  1. Ear nibbling

Whisper in your man’s ear about what you want to do to him while kissing his earlobes. Nibble a bit and brush of your lips over his ear to give him tingling sensations.


  1. Back of his ears

The back of your man’s ears is highly sensitive, so do not ignore. Trace the tip of your tip where the ear meets his head and he might moan with pleasure.

  1. Back of his knees

The back of his knees is full of nerve endings. Place a few light kisses to give him so tough time.

  1. His neck

While kissing your man, work your way towards his neck. Place some light and soft kisses on his neck.


  1. His lower abs

Kiss on the areas between his navel and waistband. The lower you go, the more he will crave for your kisses and action.

  1. His hips

Your man’s hip bone can be the most sensitive area you can work on. Lick or kiss or nibble and follow up to his abs.

  1. Close his eyes and kiss anywhere

Blindfold your man and touch him with your lips. Since he will not know what is coming next, kiss him anywhere and it will tease his senses.


  1. His inner thighs

Lick and kiss his inner thighs and up and he will be ready for the main event.

  1. His testicles

The testicles are as sensitive as the penis. Pay attention to them and it will turn him on instantly.

  1. His face

Place light kisses on his face to get him in the mood. Avoid tongue and keep your kisses innocent. Do not lick his face.


  1. His spine

Kiss his spine slowly or trace your tongue over his spine. You can do this while giving him a sensual massage.

  1. His navel

Kiss or lick around his navel and he will be filled with pleasure. The nerves around a guy’s navel are extra sensitive when they are turned on.

  1. Kiss the tip of his manhood

Place a light kiss on the tip of his penis and it will make him breathless. Leave this kiss for last or if your plan to go for oral sex.

  1. His nipples

Your man’s nipples are sensitive just the way yours. Kiss his nipples and get them hard.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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