7 Ways Your Life Start To Change After You Get *Married*!

By- Shreya Sharma

Your life completely changes when you get married. You have the different house, different family, different life and more of responsibilities. You are committed to your partner and you have to spend the rest of your life with you. Your sex life becomes more active and there are more responsibilities of finance and family and work. Here are 7 ways your life start to change after you get married.

  1. Your sense of security changes

When you are in a relationship, you might feel small insecurities. Now that you are married, you are committed and feel more secure and relaxed. You feel proud that you are in a secure relationship.


  1. You have a great intimacy level

Your intimacy level with your partner boosts. You share everything, ask for advice, eat together, spend time together and help each other. This leads to a strong relationship.

  1. You somehow get disconnected with your friends

When you are married, you sort of leave your friends behind. You stay in touch, but it is hard to meet them often. But you will have some couple friends after you are married and you will enjoy their company discussing your happily married life.

  1. You have super-active sex life

You both are comfortable with each other and now you have a brilliant and active sex life. Your understanding leads to a healthy sex life after marriage.


  1. Less of “Me time”

Before marriage, it was easy for you to manage your ‘me time’. But after marriage, it is hard to get the ‘me time’ back in your life. Your husband or your family is always around you. When you have the alone time, do not miss it.

  1. You gain or lose weight

If your partner is health conscious and gym freak, then he will make sure that you too stay fit and fine always. But if he loves to eat, then he will take you out on food parties. Your weight now depends on your partner.

  1. Finance responsibilities

Earlier you used to earn and shop. Now that you are married, you have to manage your and your husband’s income for saving, investments, spending and shopping. You may have to consult your husband before making any major decision.


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