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10 Things That Make Women Look Desperate And Needy!

By- Shreya Sharma

When we look for love, we do not want to look desperate. Anyway, being desperate is never cool and in trend. No one likes people who act desperate. When you meet someone you really like, it can be difficult to strike a balance and not look desperate or least interested. Neither you want to rush things nor do you want to appear disinterested. You need to find a middle path that can lead you success. Here are 10 things that make women look desperate and needy.

  1. Planning for the future too soon

Keep the conversation light and away from the topic of marriage, kids and settling down initially. First get to know him better before jumping on to the conversation of marriage.


  1. Leaving your friends to be too available for him

Just because you have someone in your life, does not mean you should leave your friends instantly. If you have plans with your friends and thus cannot meet him, it is better to tell him. Tell him you are busy when you actually are.

  1. Surprise visit

It is creepy and an act of desperation if you turn up to his home or place of works unannounced. It is not at all romantic in the early stage of the relationship and you can be taken as a stalker.

  1. Avoid texting too often

Do not text him often or send multiple texts if he does not reply. He might be busy or might not be having his phone with him. It will annoy him if you ask him about why he did not respond to your text. It will show that you are being desperate.


  1. Pretend to like the things he does

You cannot like everything he does. Pretending that you like the game he watches is bad because eventually, he will find out. The day he will find out, he will think that you might have lied about other things as well.

  1. Gifts for no reason

Do not shower him with gifts when you do not know him. Buying him the gift for no reason is going to look strange and he will think that you will do anything to gain his attention.

  1. Stalking him online and confessing your feelings

Liking and commenting on all his Facebook posts and retweeting all his Tweets is another sign of desperation. Be careful too, about what you tweet and post about him. Telling people that you love this guy even when you barely know him might end your relationship even before it starts.


  1. Introducing him to the family too soon

You might be excited about him but taking him to meet your parents will ring bells his head. You should keep this for the last in your relationship when you both are sure about your relationship.

  1. Obsessing about his whereabouts

It will scare him if you keep on asking him about where he was and try to know everything about who he has been with. You will appear too clingy if you try to be around him always or get jealous when he is not with you.

  1. Dealing with his bad behavior

Allowing a guy to walk over you is a sure way to make you look desperate. You should never let a guy abuse you, be rude to you or treat you like an option.


Source –  Tumblr

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