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10 Things We Think Impress Men But Actually, They Don’t!

By- Shreya Sharma

Usually, when we like a man, we try our hard to impress them and sometimes we take the wrong way thinking that this is sure going to impress the man. We alter our personality and act like someone else. We starve ourselves or purposely wear skimpy clothes even when we do not feel comfortable in them. Here are 10 things we think impress men but actually, they do not.

  1. Miss I-am-on-diet

Men like to go to dinner with someone who prefers to eat actual dinner rather than who orders the salad and starve themselves.


  1. Miss I-love-sports-if-you-love-it

If you hate sports, do not pretend to be a great fan. He wants you to be honest. Plus he has many friends who honestly enjoy sports to watch the big games with.

  1. Miss Giggling-all-the-time

Do not laugh at everything he says. Laugh when he tells a really funny joke, he will appreciate it.

  1. Miss I-know-it-all

Men love the smart woman, but that does not mean you have to act like you know it all. Do not feel bad if you do not know anything, he will not mind it.


  1. Miss Body-conscious

Man wants a girl who is confident about herself. They know how beautiful you are, you need not stare at the mirror every hour.

  1. Miss Too-much-of-information

It is good to have open communication with your partner, but you need not share every aspect of your life, especially the ones that are better to be kept as a secret.

  1. Miss Beauty-queen

You do not have to wear heels, dresses, and makeup always to impress someone. Remember you are natural beauty.


  1. Miss I-have-done-MBA

Men might be interested in your education and what you learned from it. But instead of hearing about it, they will rather like to see your brain and charm. Bragging about your education comes as arrogance to some men.

  1. Miss Caught-in-the-moment

It is about what you give to your partner that makes him want to meet you next time. Men love the chase, so do not give everything. Hold on to things and leave him wanting more.

  1. Miss Gucci-Prada

You may think that being brand conscious will impress men, but in reality, men do not think much about the brand you wear, whether they are expensive or not. He will notice you and admire you for the way you present yourself.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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