10 Texts To Send Your *Long* Distance Boyfriend… Right Now!

By- Shreya Sharma

The long-distance relationship does not just require love, care, trust and understanding, but they require one more thing that has turned into a necessity now in our life and that is our mobile phone. And the cute lovey-dovey texts that you send through your mobile to your partner are enough to make them smile. Here are 10 texts to send your long distance boyfriend right now.

1. They say braving the distance makes a relationship stronger. But I do not intend to run for the bravery awards this year. I am missing you like crazy.


2. I am sick and tired of trying to make this long distance thing work. Either come back or call it a quits…





I am kidding. I love you!



3. I finally figured what I want for my three magical wishes- you, with me, forever!

4. You will not believe what happened to me today.


I was walking on the road and I fell.




..all over again, for YOU! Love you, baby!


5. Tonight, on my bed I sought him whom my soul loves and behold, you were within me all the time! Love you!

6. I wonder how time melts like a dream when we are together; it seems to stand like a rock when we are not! want to be with you, honey miss you!

7. Did I tell you?

I love you!

#haha #YouAlreadyKnow



8. It is so easy to be with you and so hard to be without! But either this way or that, I will keep loving you throughout! #BadPoetry #TrueLove

9. The hands-off policy was for when you did something to piss me off. Do not take it so seriously- come back, please! I cannot stand the distance. Seriously!

10. Turn…. And I am right there!


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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