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15 Ways You Can Get Him To See You As More Than A Friend!

By- Shreya Sharma

Having a crush on your friend is never easy; you have to hide your feelings to keep your friendship alive. Sometimes, you have to also listen to stories about their crush. You find it hard to tell him about your feelings because you fear you might lose him as a friend as well. We all have been a victim of being friend zoned and find it hard to get out of it. Here are 15 ways you can get him to see you as more than a friend.

  1. Hang out with him

If you hang out with group, it is time you hang out one-on-one. You will get to know each other better as there will be no one to disturb you or take you away from him.


  1. Eye contact

Looking into his eyes can be sexy. So look into his eyes while talking with him. He will love your confidence and find you sexy.

  1. Get a bit touchy-feely

Friends give high-fives; it is your time to be flirty. Squeeze his hand when he tells you a joke or ‘accidentally’ brush off your arm against his.

  1. Compliments

Man too loves compliments, so make sure you compliment about how great he looks. He might even return you the favor.


  1. Show your interest

If he never gets to know that you like him, then nothing might happen between you two. So, show your interest in him and drop little hints.

  1. Being dressed up

When you are going to meet him, wear your favorite dress and perfume and dating you will sure be an idea in his mind.

  1. Romantic music

Use the music to set a different mood. Music plays an important role in forming an image and he might start seeing you differently.


  1. Sit closer

If you want to cross the friend zone, sit close to him on the bench. It is flirty and might make him understand your feelings.

  1. Say sexual things

Do not be afraid or shy to tell him dirty jokes or to wink at him or give him that sexy smile of yours. He might see a potential girlfriend in you.

  1. Watch movies together

Put on a romantic movie when you are together to see couples kissing which might make him think of kissing you. Or watch some horror movie and grab his hand during scary scenes.


  1. Tell him he deserves someone great

When you talk about dating, tell him that he deserves a great girl. You know who that great girl is!

  1. Work on posture

Keep your back straight, as it will make your boobs and booty look great and head high to show your confidence. He is sure to notice this change in you.

  1. Ask your friend for help

Ask your BFF to help you. When you are in a group ask her to randomly say about how cute you two would be as a couple! See how he reacts, it will tell a lot about his feelings for you.


  1. Do not talk about other guys

Do not talk about other guys because it will make him think that you want them instead of him. Talk about the guys who like you but not in length because guys like competition and if he loves you, he will start putting in his efforts to have you as a partner.

  1. Ask him for a date

If you cannot hide your feelings anymore, ask him for a date. There is nothing to feel afraid about, juts initiate and ask him.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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