12 Awesome Spooning Tips To Boost Intimacy With Your Partner!

By- Shreya Sharma

Spooning is an act of cuddling with your partner that allows one partner to hold the other from the back, with their stomach facing partner’s back. It is like hugging your partner while you are lying down on bed, couch or anywhere. It is a great way to initiate sex, you feel better, and it reduces stress and has various health benefits. It requires practice and must be done in a right manner to yield maximum benefits. Here are 12 awesome tricks of spooning to boost intimacy with your partner.

  1. Decide who will act as a big spoon and small spoon

The person who hugs from the back is the big spoon and the person who has their back facing their partner is the small spoon. It need not be your man who should be the bigger spoon, it depends on the emotional condition because the bigger spoon is more protective towards the smaller spoon. If you man had the bad day, be the bigger spoon to him.


  1. Choose a comfortable position

When you are spooning, you want to be comfortable enough to either fall asleep or to feel horny and high. You need to figure out where to place your body parts like legs, hands, head etc. so that you stay comfortable with each other rather than being awkward. Find a comfortable position so that you do not have to toss around too much.

  1. Change position if any of your body parts falls asleep

When you are spooning, it is normal to sleep on your partner’s arm or have your legs linked. It is not possible to stay in the same position because your limbs tend to fall asleep. So, when your limbs start to fall asleep, it is better that you change the position to boost intimacy.

  1. Try different ways of spooning

You can try different positions of spooning to find out which one suits the best for you and your partner. Try to search a better position that makes you feel comfortable and connected.


  1. Kiss while you cuddle

Kissing will make your spooning better. You are already in an intimate position, so when you kiss your partner on their neck or hands or hand, you will make the experience more enjoyable and it can get you both charged for some more action.

  1. Keep the contact of important body parts

Though you might need to change the position while spooning, but you need to make sure that you do not lose contact with your important body parts to maintain the intimacy level. You need to focus on your hands, feet, waist and other sensitive parts which bring love and affection.

  1. Spooning as a part of foreplay

While spooning, you are touching each other, cuddling and you are connected to the most sensitive parts, which make it easy for you to do whatever you want. The right touch, words, and moves can help you initiate foreplay.


  1. Breathe in sync

You need to control your breathing to match your partner’s and this will make you feel more intimate and connected. When you are close to each other, breathing becomes an important factor in your intimacy as synced breath has a calming and meditative effect.

  1. Hold the right places

The placement of you hand is important while spooning, so place your hand in a safe place, like their arm, waist or under the pillow. Placing your arm at their bum, face, neck etc. will make things awkward after a while.

  1. Play with your partner’s hair

Stroke your partner’s hair and it will make them feel loved, cared and releases the right hormone that makes you both feel comfortable and connected. It will boost your intimacy.


  1. When you are a big spoon

As a big spoon, you are in the position of power and you are expected to do the most of the work. Do not suffocate the small spoon when they bury their face in your chest by hugging them tightly. Hug and hold your partner in right places so that things do not get awkward. Also, consider your comfort.

  1. When you are a small spoon

Whether you are a man or a woman, you have to ensure that your hair doesn’t get into your partner’s facial pores. You also have to find the right place to keep your hand, so that the big spoon doesn’t feel stuck or uncomfortable.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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