10 Signs Say He Has Stopped Caring About You!

By- Shreya Sharma

The relationship is not just about love, it takes trust, care, understanding and communication to nurture it to grow. Some couples are not couples because they are in love, but because they find it easy to stay together than to break up. Calling things off is never easy, it is like separating yourself from a part of your life that was once the most beautiful thing you had. It is never easy to fall apart and it is even hard to acknowledge it. Your boyfriend may not say it, but maybe he has just stopped caring about you and your relationship. Here are 10 signs that say he has stopped caring about you.

  1. No more fights

You may think it is a good sign that you both never fight, but it is also a sign that your man does not care enough to pick up things that he finds contradictory or that bothers him. It is like they prefer not talking about things that bother them.  


  1. He is busy with his phone

He does not care enough to listen to your side of an argument with interest and prefers to use his phone while agreeing to your one-sided argument. He may be talking with a new girl or might be making plans with his friends so as to avoid this situation.

  1. He is comfortable in sweatpants only

If you see him in sweats, loose fitting clothing or casual clothes, this means he has given up on you and your relationship. When a man cares for a woman, they try to look good for her, so that he can impress her. He will try his best to look good with you if he likes you.

  1. You are the one to initiate plans

Do you feel that there are no efforts from your guy’s part and if you stop putting in efforts, your relationship will die? If yes, then probably it would. If it is just you who is initiating things, it can either mean that he is no more interested in you or you are just suffocating him with your more attention. Take a break and see if your man makes any efforts.


  1. They are impatient

Man and woman are different, and it takes patience on both parts to keep the relationship going. When a relationship is great, it is never an issue to wait for someone, but if the things have hit the rough patch, it is hard to be patient. If your guy keeps on yelling at you over small things, it shows he is losing his patience and does not care enough for you to stop himself from yelling.

  1. He is being secretive

Man does not share information about things as a woman does. When they like someone, they still manage to talk about their day. But when they stop caring and are out of it, they do not care to talk about it as well. They will give you one-word responses.

  1. You share the bills

When you acre about someone, you try to impress them. You try to look decent, plan fun activities and offer to pay. But if the guy does not offer to pay and you share the bills, it shows he does not care about impressing you.


  1. His friends have turned weird

Your man’s friend will be nice to you when your relationship is going great. But if your man tells them about who he is planning to end things, they will act differently with you.

  1. Less of sleepovers

Though the sex may not hamper, but cuddling will see a major impact. It is hard to cuddle with someone you just cannot connect with.

  1. He is no more jealous

Some people are rarely jealous, while some are always jealous. At the beginning, he might be super jealous of the guys you are hanging out with or would be worried when you leave the house in revealing clothes. But if this all does not bother him now, this is one red flag.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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