12 Things You Should Watch Out On Your First Date!

By- Shreya Sharma

First dates are awkward and important because they set you in for the first impression. This is the time when you have to decide whether you want to drop the things right there or take things further and meet the person again. We want their first impression to be good so that they can secure a second date with us. Here are 12 things you should watch out on your first date.

  1. Hugs

If we have been talking for a while, instead of shaking hands or squeezing arm, he should hug you like an old school friend. This shows that he is comfortable and wants to be open with you.


  1. Does not let us wait

If a guy makes you wait on the first date, there could be nothing more disrespectful. Unless he has a good reason to be late, he should be on time. If he is late with no excuse and apology, it is better you call it a quit.

  1. Ask questions

We are on the date because we want to know more about each other. He should ask us some real personal questions like about my goals, my future plans or anything that will give him a fair idea of who we are.

  1. Smile

No, smiling does not only belong to girls. When a guy is with us, he should smile rather than be giving frowning expressions. You do not want to go out with someone who is not happy to be with you. It is like wasting both of our time.


  1. Smell great

Body odor is a big turn off. His cologne or deodorant should be sexy enough that you can smell it in a non-creepy manner.

  1. The way they treat waiter

Who would want to be with a guy who does not treat waiters with respect? He should be polite and respectful towards the people around us. This will speak louder about his character.

  1. Listen to us

When you are talking, he should listen to you rather than looking in oblivion or scrolling his phone. You both should have a meaningful conversation where you both pay attention to each other’s words.


  1. To be a gentleman

He should not just snap at you for everything you say. Even if he disagrees with your opinion, he should not become a verbally obnoxious person.

  1. Talk about himself

To decide if you want to go on the second date with him, he should tell about himself to you. He should tell you about his goals, his past dating experience and what he wants from his next relationship.

  1. Compliments

He should give you compliments. This will show that he is trying to be sweet with you. He should give you genuine compliments about your intelligence, patience or anything.


  1. The pay

Though you are capable of paying your bills, but he should insist to pay the bills or pay the bill on his own.

  1. Talk about the second date

He should make plans to see you on the next date before you part your ways. If he enjoyed the date, he should be confident enough to make plans for the second date before you go on your separate ways.


Source –  GiphyTumblr

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