7 Things We Want In Our Dream *Women Cave*!

By- Shreya Sharma

We all want a sanctum of our dreams where we can relax. If you had an extra room in your space that you didn’t need for anything else and could easily transform into a lady cave, what would you put in it? Everyone is obviously different. I would prefer it to have a couch, pictures on wall and slow music. Here are things that being a women, we want in our dream women cave.

  1. A shoe closet

We all want to have all those designer shoes and varieties that are offered to us in footwear range. And it is not at all a bad idea to have a bigger closet and organize all your shoes in that.

  1. A closet full of designer stuff

If we can have a closet full of shoes, then we would also love to have a closet with all designer clothes, accessories and bags in our women cave.

  1. At home spa products

Getting a spa done is so relaxing. It is no harm to have a mini-spa at home. Place an “At-home spa products” in your cave and treat yourself with mini-spa while enjoying your other activities.

  1. The scented candles

We enjoy when things have a nice scent, when our homes smell fresh and lovely. The scented aroma gives pleasure to our senses. The best way to give a room a long-lasting scent is with a candle.

  1. Your books

If you the book worm bug has infected you, then you will for sure love to have your “to be read” stack. You can compile books of your choice.

  1. A cozy couch and blanket

Nothing can be better than having a cozy couch and blanket. Snuggling up in your blanket and watching your favorite show, reading your favorite book and having a sip of coffee. This is ecstatic.

  1. A big screen TV

Having a big screen TV is a must have, when there is a huge database of television shows and movies. It is easy to create a custom movie marathon for yourself by finding a few films you have been waiting to watch, or by finding a few old favorites to re-watch. It is super relaxing.


* A pet is a bonus

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