10 Rom Com Clichés That Never Happen In Real Life!

By- Shreya Sharma

Romcoms have become a modern day phenomena. We live in a media obsessed world and the things we see highly influence the way we live, the thoughts we have or the path we choose. We are obsessed with celebrity culture and try to imitate them and their lifestyle. We all have seen romcom that works on the tried and tested clichés that do not exist in real life. We all know how SRK just spreads his arms and the girl falls in love, or how the actor is shown to be one elite badass guy and the actress is shown to be the girly girl. We know no such things happen in real life; still, we fall into the trap of rom coms and wish to have a life like that. Here are 10 romcom clichés that never happen in real life.

  1. Worlds apart

We all have seen such stories where there is one street guy or girl comes to the attention of a classy sophisticated person of opposite sex. As they fall in love, the lower class individual attempts to fit in their life but fails miserably and then the sophisticated person understands their love for this lower class individual and decide to fight against the caste norms and be together.


  1. The bumble

This is the story about one amongst the protagonist who is dealing with a severe psychological illness and the other one falls in love with them and finds their soul mate in them. While this may not be attractive in real life and you may end up dealing with a cold shoulder.

  1. Love and hate

This is the story about two outspoken people who hate each other but are slowly and secretly falling in love. And then they kiss in a heated argument and then there is no looking back. If you feel that kissing the guy you cannot get along with will make him your soul partner then think again as it can put you in humiliation and embarrassment.

  1. Always there

This is the story of a supportive friend who secretly falls in love and starts hoping a romantic relationship with them. If you are waiting for a friend to fall in love with you, then you will only get the feeling of disillusionment, bitterness, and desperation.


  1. The quirky jerk

This is the story about a free-living hippie, who turns out to be a gentleman just for the sake of the girl he loves. Well in real life, you will not wish to love in with a jerk just because everything turns out right in the movie. They are annoying, irritating and they will drive you insane.

  1. Physical mismatch

This is the story of the people with mismatching appearance. One of them will physically perfect goddess who learns to overcome their shallowness just to be with the one they love. Well, the bad news is, extraordinarily good-looking people stick to their norms.

  1. The late bloomer

This is the story of a nerdy wannabe leading man or lady who takes their glasses off at the end of the film and becomes very good looking to immediately win over the person they desire for. The truth is they are actually stunning and in real taking off your glasses does not make much of a difference.


  1. Secret identity

In this, someone pretends to be something they are not, sometimes by accident or sometimes willingly to win over the subject of their desire. In real life, it really does not work because maintaining a prolonged lie is actually a wrong thing to do. Dishonesty is not a way to win over someone’s heart.

  1. Ridiculous liaisons

This is about the protagonists meeting at the most random places like broken elevators, prisons, ponds, fire escapes etc. There need not be any need to explain why romance at such places is a bad idea plus it can even put you into troubles.

  1. Rain stops play

Kissing in the rain or something!! Really? If it rains, your other half will be frantically running to find a shelter so that she manages her new dress, and if you try to stop her by holding her for some romantic moment, it can be your last rain together.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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