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17 First Texts You Can Send Him After Getting His Number!

By- Shreya Sharma

You have a crush on someone, but you hardly get time to have conversations with only. It is always your friends or his friends hang around. You had words and you got his number. It is like you have attained one milestone. But now, comes the nerve-wrecking part; to either wait for his text or to text him first. If you decide to text him first, the stress meter reaches heights because, hello! You have to come up with on clever opening line. Instead of wasting your time in brainstorming, just text him and you can even use these ideas. Here are 17 ‘first texts’ you can send him after getting his number.

  1. “I know I should have waited to talk with you for at least 24 hours, but I could not wait to talk to you”

Why wait to talk with him? You have his digits, send this text.


  1. “Just wanted to text you, so that you too have my number on your phone”

This is short, sweet and to the point.

  1. “I cannot have fun when you are not around”

This will start the conversation because he will be wondering where you are.

  1. “Save this number, it is going to be the most important number of your life”

You can add some flirty text along with this.


  1. “Why do I have this number?”

Play mind games and asks him this to throw him off.

  1. “I enjoyed our conversation today, we should continue it”

Of course, you had one great convo that only leads him to give you his number.

  1. “Hope you are having a great day”

Tell him you hope he is having a great day.


  1. “Do not delete this number, it is the hot/cute girl you met today”

This is the flirty way to tell him about you.

  1. “I watched the show you have been talking about”

If you really have watched the show, then this is a great way to start the conversation. Lying will not take you far.

  1. “Is it too soon for a casual texting?”

This is cute and will get him laugh.


  1. “Why you had to leave? We even did not have the time to make out”

Be brave and bold with your flirting

  1. “I forgot to ask something important; do you like Game of Thrones?”

Keep things light and playful to show how much fun you are.

  1. “You look like a great kisser”

Again, you got to be bold while flirting.


  1. “I saw you sleeping in the class”

If he is from your class, the comment about how you saw him sleeping in the class and how hot he looked.

  1. “Your last Facebook post was hilarious”

Use social media to start the conversation.

  1. “I cannot stop thinking about the movie we saw”

Refer to something you have done together in past and laugh about those memories.

  1. “I was nice to meet you today; I think we should hang out more. Do not you think so?”

If you want to ask him out, then be blunt. It will make him want to hear more from you.  


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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