21 Cute Things Girls Do Unknowingly That Guys Love!

By- Shreya Sharma

Guys are visual creatures and get attracted to things and people who attract their visually senses and eyes. Your guy will never tell you about what he finds so adorable in you because they are bad with words, but there are cute little things that you do unknowingly but your guy loves it. Here are 21 cute things girls do unknowingly that guys love.

  1. The way you smile while looking at him

They find it charming and pleasing.


  1. When you laugh your heart out, an honest laugh that lights up your face

It is cute for him when you laugh at his jokes, or otherwise. He just loves you, even more, when you laugh without worries.

  1. The way your eyes brighten up as you smile, makes him drool over you

Go, look in the mirror what magic your smile does to your eyes.

  1. The fragrance of your perfume

They notice and love the whiff of your perfume as you pass by.

  1. When you play with your hair

Men find it super cute and sexy when you play with your hair; be it twirling or touching it.


  1. The smell of your shampoo

Guys love to smell their girl’s hair; it is a turn on for them. So you better use a nice smelling shampoo.

  1. When you unconsciously bite or purse your lips

Men do notice it and find it sexy. But do not overdo it.

  1. When you are either really embarrassed or very excited

But make sure you keep it real.

  1. Your no-makeup pajama look

It is comfortable and messy for you and attractive for your man.

  1. When you get a little angry

It is super adorable for them, but do not hold on to it for too long.


  1. When you stretch out or stand on your toes to get something

They find it irresistible and prefer to enjoy the view for some time before offering help.

  1. When you dress up for him

He notices your efforts and appreciates them.

  1. When you call him by his name

He loves to hear his name in your voice. It is music to his ears.

  1. When you understand and respect their feeling and opinion

They feel great and blessed to have you.

  1. When you wear glasses

They love it, may be because of their fantasy of sexy teacher or something.


  1. When you prioritize him and for that give up your sleep as well

He will love you, even more, when you will stay awake just to be with him or talk with him.

  1. When you sort out problems without making any complaints

You score perfectly in his heart.

  1. When you are one independent and daring soul

No, not all men are intimidated by being independent and confident.

  1. When you act childlike on some occasions

He loves it when you act like the child sometimes, but not always.

  1. Being yourself without giving a damn about what others will think

He wants you to stay natural and yourself.

  1. Your passion for doing something

As they say, confidence is sexy.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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