10 Things On What LOVE Is And What LOVE Isn’t!

By- Shreya Sharma

Love is one feeling that has complexity to the level infinite. We often do not actually understand what love is and confuse it with other feelings. The moment we feel those butterflies in our stomach and do not wish to go away from a certain person, we consider it to be love without actually judging our feelings, without knowing if it is love, infatuation or lust or something else. And this majorly turns out to be a reason of heartbreak and confusions. Here are 10 things on what LOVE is and what LOVE is not.

1. Love is not to change your life completely

Every relationship takes compromises, but those compromises do not mean that you change yourself as a person. If your partner wants you to change yourself according to him, that is not love. No one should tell you how to lead your life. The way you lead your life is your decision only.


2. Love is not a prize

Being in love and getting into a relationship is no great achievement. If you are with a guy just to get the status of being in a relationship, then you are doing it all wrong. Love is not to show off that you are committed.

3. Love is not to take one another for granted

If you or your guy takes you for granted then it is not love, one of you will eventually walk away. Appreciate if you love someone and who loves you back. You do not deserve real love if you do not appreciate what you have.

4. Love is not carrying your partner throughout life

Helping your partner and carrying your partner are two different things. You should sure help your partner in every circumstance but if you have to carry him throughout life, the things get tough. When you are in love, you should support your partner but if you are paying all his bills and carrying him, then you need to consider before saying those words.


5. Love is not about nagging always

Being in love with someone does not mean you should control their life. Acting like his mother once in a while in caring manner is fine but constantly nagging about things will make things worse.

6. Love is to compromise for one another

Love is all about giving and receiving. When two people are together, it needs them to make compromises and sacrifice things so that you two can live in a happy space. And the compromise needs to be done from both ends.

7. Love is sharing your thoughts with someone

When in love, you have someone with whom you can share every thought you have. When you are deeply in love, you have the urge to tell your partner about everything that happened with you.


8. Love is supporting one another

Life is all about ups and downs, we all face this. There are times of trouble in our life and when in love, we have to support our partner through their troubles. If you kind of stay away from them in such situations, think before you say those three words to them.

9. Love is when you are comfortable with someone else

Love is when you can be your authentic self in front of someone else. You do not have to pretend in front of him or show off something. You know you can stay true to yourself in their presence.

10. Love comes naturally

Love is not something that you have to force to or make it happen, it comes naturally. Sometimes, we fool ourselves into thinking we’re actually in love when the truth is we are just desperate for affection.



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