10 Things You Can Relate To If You’ve A *Big Sister*!

By – Someshree Banerjee

Dearest Sisy,

Okay, I admit that you’re a real treasure that I possess. My love for you is unconditional no matter I quote the ‘I Love You Sis’ or not. But I really do. Imagining life without you is just impossible. So here I say ALL good about you. So here’s 10 best things about having a big sister in your life. I owe you girl! (I’m expecting a return from your side too, mind you Miss Big Sis!)


Your li’l Sis.

  1. You’ve has always helped you with my studies.

Be it your notes or the way you taught me those difficult topics, everything’s worked for me.

  1. You’re the one who convinced Mom and Dad for my night outs or even those late night parties.

And even helped me clean the mess once everything got over.

  1. You’re my favorite stylist.

From choosing my prom dress to my date night dress, you’ve always managed to groom me and look my best all ’cause of you.

  1. You’re the one who lead to more crushes in my life.

The wise doesn’t need any more explanations, I guess. Wink 😉

  1. I hate. You hate.

The way you’ve always taken a stand for me whenever I landed up in a vulnerable position was simply stellar.

  1. You’re my savior when it comes helping me deal with our famJam!

Of course, how could never have I enjoyed my teen years the way I’ve always wanted if I didn’t have your back!

  1. You make the best advisor.

Starting off from my relationship problems to my life goals, you’ve helped me with each and EVERYTHING I’ve come up with.

  1. You taught me the concept of Mr. Right.

“You’re SO need to be like this and that…” And yeah, I still keep your checklist in mind.

  1. You always had the best getting-over-breakup remedies.

OMG! The backup plans that you’ve always had for me and even the lessons your heartbreak had taught me were simply worth applauds.

  1. “Love Yourself. Love Your Family.”

You’re the one who’d taught me to believe in myself and never change for anybody. You told me that we should dedicate all our time to Mom and Dad.

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Skadoosh Guys!

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