Girls, If He Has These 9 Habits… Marry Him Right Away!

By- Shreya Sharma

It is hard to find a serious guy who is ready to settle down with you and start his life with you. Most of them are either just interested in hook up or are not ready to get married too early. You are lucky if your boyfriend is a serious man who wishes to settle down, and if you doubt about him, here are 9 habits that if he does, then you should marry him right away.

  1. He knows what you want in breakfast

Be it black coffee, orange juice, sandwich or whatever, he will cook it up for you or take you out and recite your order.


  1. He texts you on his way home

He does not do it because you are insecure and needy. He does it because he knows you will be worried about his safety. This is his way to show that he respects your concern and thinks about you.

  1. He manages his time for you

He might have a busy schedule, but he will always manage to spend alone time with you. He has set his priorities right, so he will manage to spend some quality time with you.

  1. He can handle kids

Kids love to spend time with him and so does he. Kids are happy when he is around and he is a great source of enthusiasm for them. This can tell you about how great a father he would be.


  1. He responds back to your calls and texts

He is reliable and you know he will be there for you when you need him. He cares about your time and does not give you excused for not being able to call or text. He will call you as he is free but he surely will.

  1. He is not in contact with his ex

He knows that it will not be fair to you if he stays in close touch with his ex. There are no strange calls for him. He is completely devoted to his new relationship with you.

  1. He calls you

He might call you to tell you one strange story or to know about your work. He may try to convince you to come home early. But he will manage to call you in his busy schedule.


  1. He never fails to surprise you

He will celebrate your birthday, he will write you letters, he will sing for you, he will write a poem for you. He knows how to make you happy.

  1. He takes care of you

He is there for you when you are sick. He will bring up the medicines and food to comfort you. He will kiss and cuddle up when you are sick. He will take you to the doctor if you feel you are not well.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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