8 Ways To Seduce Without Uttering A Single Word!

By- Shreya Sharma

Going straight up and saying ‘I want to have sex’ is one way to get it done but showing it with your actions that you have the urge to have him is a seductive way to get him on. It is more meaningful and higher up your chances to have the night to remember. Actions speak louder than words when it comes to sex. Show them with your actions throughout the day that you cannot wait to hop with him into the bed. Here are ways to seduce without uttering a word.

  1. Make eye contact

Your eyes speak what you find difficult to say. When you want it, look into your man’s eyes and they will know it.

  1. Give them a long, slow kiss

This works when you come back from work or anywhere. Walk in and give them a really long and slow kiss, they will understand what you want.

  1. Give them back massage that goes a bit further

Start by massaging their shoulders, move down to their back and then go down to the spot you are looking for. It will relax the person and your actions will indicate him about your wants.

  1. Kiss them deeply and then grab their hand and take them to the bedroom

All you need to do is to grab their hand and lead them into the bedroom following a deep kiss. Let your eyes and lips suggest him what you want.

  1. After a quick kiss, pause, and then go for a deeper kiss

This is when you want a little more than that of a typical peck. Give them your usual kiss, then pull away and smile at them before going in for a deeper and hotter kiss. This one usually sends the message loud and clear.

  1. Straddle their lap and kiss their neck

Men have more nerve end in their neck and behind their ears as compared to women. Climb on his lap in a straddle position and kiss his neck slowly. He will understand it.

  1. Give them a wicked grin after a long kiss

When you are done giving them long, hot and heavy kiss, give them that wicked grin of yours that says out loud that you want to have sex with him.

  1. Take away their cell phone or TV remote and kiss them to silence them

When your partner is busy with the phone, laptop or TV, it is hard for them to notice you. Slowly slide the device out of their hands and then press your lips against theirs when they protest.

Source – Tumblr

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