Never Throw Away These 6 Items From Your Wardrobe!

When we take a charge of cleaning our wardrobe in ages, we are in a mess to decide what to keep and what to throw away. It is hard for us to throw things away. We will help you with chaos. We present you things you should not throw away from your wardrobe even though you want to.

  1. Old denims

You can turn them into wonders. You can use blades to rip them off and convert them in distressed jeans. You can convert them into shorts. You can even play with them attaching different patched designs to it. Or you can cut them into patches and attach them to your shorts, shirts or on any other stuff. You can even keep them same as you never know what gets into trend.

  1. Sarees

Never ever throw your mother’s saree. Oh no!! Not because of the sentimental values attached to it but because of the wonders it can turn into. You can use old sarees to get yourself a new suit. You can convert them into kurtis. Or you can even use them to decorate your room.

  1. Accessories

You can use old accessories even now just with a pinch of creativity. You can convert them into pretty room decorative or can even fix them to use them again with spunk.

  1. Old shirts

It is a big No to throw away your old shirts. Collect the old shirts of your brother, father, boyfriend, husband as well and make them into something outstanding. You can alter them to your size or you can wear them loose as long loose over sized shirts are in trend now.

  1. Pullovers

Do not even think about throwing them. They are like wine; the older, the better. Preserve them to carry an old school; I do not give a damn look. Those loose long pullovers or knits of yours can give sleepless nights to many.

  1. Old school belonging

Do not ever throw them off. You can paste them all on a chart paper and get it framed for your room. Preserve your childhood with those old school belongings, so that you can cherish the innocent life of yours forever. You can even use them as cool accessory stuff.

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