8 Rebound Signs You Need To Watch Out For!

By- Shreya Sharma

Heartbreaks are like our whole world crushing down and we are left shattered and hurt. And nothing can heal it better than a rebound relationship. But are you sure this relationship of yours is a serious one or are you ready to get involved seriously as for it felt all good, you decided to be this new man of your life but what if that is just to heal the pain? There are good chances that you are in love only to get over with the older love. Here are the signs for rebound relationship you need to watch out for.

  1. You do not remember how you got over your ex

It is hard to get over your ex and it takes time, for some it may take a few weeks while for others it may take months. If you are happy in a new relationship and have no clue about how you got over your ex, chances are that you have no finished the chapter of your old love and it can haunt you back anytime.

  1. You just want to date someone

If you had one bad relationship, you get attracted to someone who gives you attention. You just want to feel the love again and this makes you fall in the trap of love immediately even when you do not want to date.

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  1. You do not feel like you are serious about the relationship

If you are in the relationship for any reason but feel the lack of love and seriousness, this means you are only in a rebound relationship to spend your time.

  1. You know you will go back to them if they make efforts

You may be happy with the present and with the fact that you are over your ex but deep down inside you know you will go back to him if he makes any efforts to woo you and charm you.

  1. You often talk about your ex with your partner

You might feel that you are just being frank talking about your ex with your new partner and you have no feelings for them. But deep down somewhere you have feelings for them and that is making you talk about them every now and then.


  1. You are going with the flow

You are happy and your new partner is happy but you are making no efforts to make the relationship work. You do not look for ways to keep relationship alive and fresh, all you need is him to be there for you when you need.

  1. You look for ways to bump into your ex

You know you will not say it loudly but deep down inside you wish to accidentally bump into them. You hang out at your ex’s favorite spot or near their work area and hope to see them.

  1. You have mood swings

Even though you’re happy with your new partner, you may find yourself in a confused state of mind often. You are happy when you are with your new bae but depressed and confused when you are alone.


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