12 Embarrassing Questions We All Have About Our Nipples, Answered!

By- Shreya Sharma

We all have nipples, yet we know very less about them. Nipples are weird and all we commonly hear about them is about how hard they get or how they put us into embarrassing situations at the most random situations. Nipples can do a lot more than just decorating your breasts, they can be used during sex for pleasure, they can show the shady things happening to your body, and they are essential for breastfeeding. Here are 12 embarrassing questions we all have about our nipples that are answered.

  1. The bumps on the nipples

The bumps on nipples are totally normal. They typically appear on the areola that is the colored part around the nipple. The areola has sebaceous glands that look like bumps and are supposed to be there. They are totally fine unless they drastically change color.


  1. Nipple hair

There is nothing weird to have nipple hair. It can vary as some have a lot, for some there is just little, for some, it is dark and curly like pubic hair, and for some, it is light and fine. It is totally normal.

  1. Nipples bigger as compared to boobs

It is no big deal, like other body parts, no two nipples are the same. Some are big, some are small and some seem perfectly with your boob size. Nipples can increase size as you gain weight or get pregnant. There is nothing to stress over them.

  1. Liquid out of nipples

If you are not breastfeeding or pregnant, then liquid out of your nipples can freak you out. It is nothing to stress about. It is normal for your nipple to leak fluid. It could happen if your breast or nipples are pressed or stimulated too hard. If the discharge gets out at random times, hurts and is bloody, then you should visit your doctor.


  1. The color of nipples

Nipples can range in color from super dark to super light. Your areola depends on your skin color and ethnic background. They might be very light if you have fair skin or very dark if you have dark skin. They can also change color if you are pregnant.

  1. They do not look same

Like your boobs, usually, your nipples are not exactly same. There is probably some difference in everyone’s nipples, for some they are minor while for others they are noticeable.

  1. Nipple piercing

Nipple piercing gives you badass look and sends out sexy vibes. They are also said to increase stimulation during sex. They can take three to six months or longer to heal. Do not let anyone put their mouth on piercing before it heals as it can lead to infection. It can even make your nipples larger. They can close up very quickly.


  1. Play with nipple during sex

Nipple stimulation is real and you can even achieve orgasm through it. It is rare but it can happen. If you are super sensitive when it comes to nipples, then you can reach orgasm through nipple stimulation. If not, even then you can touch and lick and play with them.

  1. Extra nipple

Extra nipples are really normal. People either do not admit having them or do not notice them because they are not always obvious ones. They look more like a mole, but they never develop into the breast, and they can happen anywhere on your body.

  1. Hard nipple

Cold weather or being cold can make your nipples go hard, but there is no exact reason for that. They get hard when you are aroused. Sometimes you can notice that they get hard at random times. As long as it does not hurt, it is no big deal.


  1. Itchy nipple

Having annoying itchy nipples is no big deal. It is either a minor skin irritation or it is because of a skin condition like eczema. Itchy nipples are dry; you can soothe them by using lotion made for sensitive skin.

  1. Inverted nipples

They are actually pretty common. They become inverted when breast tissue is attached extra tightly and ends up pulling the nipple skin inward. There is nothing you are doing that’s making them that way; it’s just the way your breast tissue is.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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