5 Signs Your Relationship Is Ruining Your Friendship With Others!

By- Shreya Sharma

You have a boyfriend, you love him, it is just the initial stage and you just want to be around him, fine, we all have been through this. We all want to be with them 24*7 and even when we are away all we could think and talk about is him. But the truth is those early love highs are temporary. No one stays this crazy in relationship forever. And instead this love high and the want to be with him can destroy your other relationships and most importantly your friendship.

While some of your friends will understand that early stage high but if it remains the same two or three months down the line, it can be toxic for your relationship. Here are the signs that your relationship is ruining your friendship with others.

  1. You always include your significant other in your plans

Okay, so you hated it when your BFF talked about her SO all the time and included him into your plans and you swear not to do the same but now you have turned into “Hey!! Can I ask Rohan to accompany us?” kind of girl. Be it lunch date, shopping, get together or any other outing with your friends, you are always ready to incorporate him in your plans. Even if your friends like your new SO, they still want some you time sans your SO.

  1. All you talk about is your SO

You anyhow composed yourself not to include your bae in your plan with friends but there you are sitting and talking about him and his quirks and how he said I Love You and what he ate etc. Every single topic brings you to start the discussion or instead monologue about him. When you are on a night out at least make sure that you talk about something other than your SO. You have life apart from him which you can discuss.

  1. Your friends have stopped inviting you

Now you know that your friends had a party last night through Facebook pictures or any other update about their outing through Facebook or Instagram. There is lack of phone calls. They have straight up stopped inviting you. And bam!! Now you realize why there were no calls and now you think why they not invited you.

  1. You have stopped reaching out

You are so engrossed in the idea of love that you yourself do not reach out to your friends, though that is unintentional. You are high in love and you pick up your phone only to talk with your SO or text him. If you have stopped reaching out to your friends, you are damaging your friendship. Take time to keep your friendship strong and working. A single text can work miracles.

  1. Your only friends are “our friends” now

While it’s totally normal to have more and more mutual friends as you get further into a relationship, it’s not normal or healthy to have only mutual friends. If you catch yourself saying “our friends” all the time and never “my friends” anymore and you’re not really spending time with your pre-relationship friends, it’s time to reassess your priorities. 

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