7 Conversation Starters And Start Talking To Strangers!

By- Shreya Sharma

Strangers can be fun and some of them can be pain in ass. As a kid, we were told not to talk with strangers and being a grown up, we find it quite a fun task to engage in a conversation with strangers. Be it that you are new in town or just wish to make new friends. You need to start the conversation because it is you who need new people in your life, so you will have to approach them. Be the person who has a lot to offer and then approach people to be friends. Here are 7 conversation starters that will help you start talking to a stranger.

  1. “Do you know where this place is?”

Since you are new to this place, you are bound not to know various places and landmarks of that city. This can become your conversation starter and you can learn more about an area. May be the person you asked is nice enough to take you to there and you can start chatting and become friends.


  1. “I Just moved here”

Put yourself out there first, this is one simple and effective way to introduce yourself to a stranger. Next time to start a conversation, position yourself in their general vicinity and strike the conversation simply by saying “I just moved here, and do not really know anyone” and this will start the conversation.

  1. “What is your favorite thing on the menu?”

We need food and we all love food. The choice of a person’s food, speaks a lot about them. This will they you if they are adventurous type or going with the popular stuff types. You can have the conversation about the type of food you like and a shared food interest will help you bond.

  1. “Do you come here often?”

This is a nice way to know the attractive person you spotted. This will hint that you are new to this place. And this can start off the conversation about why this place is great, what other places are worth visiting and where you should avoid going. This will help you make a connection.


  1. “Hey, you have got a good taste”

Whether you are at a book store, at bar or record store, commenting on or complimenting a stranger’s choice, is sure to get a reply from them. It might mean that you are checking them out but that also shows that you have genuine interest in this stranger’s preferences. It is a great way to start off a discussion about a topic that you both like and can have a common interest for friendship.

  1. “I like your shirt/hair/eye”

We all love complements. Receiving it from friend or a stranger makes us feel good. So compliment the stranger you want to start the conversation with. This is the great way to introduce yourself to a stranger.

  1. Make observations

Be quick wit and observant. Be careful because while observing someone, things can go wrong and they may ask you to own your business. Be effortless and you will be able to secure a conversation and smile from the stranger.

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