12 Ways To Make Your Wedding *Night* Perfect And Memorable!

By- Shreya Sharma

Wedding night fills the to-be bride and groom with excitement and it is the most awaited and magical moment of a newly wed’s life. There would be fantasies in your mind regarding your wedding night, plus there would be some inhibitions. You need to get over the anxiety of first night to make your night more memorable. Here are 12 ways to make your wedding night perfect and memorable.

  1. No fantasies

The movies and novels have made a notion of the first night set into your mind. But it is better you get realistic rather than living in your fantasy world. Do not get caught in your daydreams.


  1. Talk about it

If you are in for an arranged marriage, talk about your fear and fantasies with your partner before the wedding. Even if it is love marriage, it is better you talk about it in advance. Talk about family planning and use of contraceptive.

  1. Keep your next day free

Make sure you do not have any plans like Pooja or any flight next day to your wedding night. And if you have your first night on your honeymoon, do not plan any adventurous activity next morning. Keep your next day free because waking up early will be a trouble.

  1. Buy a surprise gift

Give your partner a romantic gift. It can be a poem that you wrote for him, a Kamasutra book or a basket full of romantic stuff or anything that he wanted to buy. He will be pleased with this surprise.


  1. Talk for a while

Do not jump straight to the act the moment you are alone in the bedroom. Even if you know each other for years, it is better to build an emotional bond with your partner first. Express your gratitude to have him in your life.

  1. Start slowly

Start slowly by kissing and cuddling. Then you can start with the foreplay. Show your love and build affection. Express your passion for your partner with your romantic gestures.

  1. Virginity problem

If you are the virgin, it can be frightful for you. Do not think about bleeding and pain as most of the times it does not last long and it is mild. Make sure you are well lubricated before you let him enter you. You can even talk to your married friends and gynecologist to have a better idea. Have more foreplay to make things comfortable.


  1. Do not be self-conscious

Do not get conscious about your weight or scars. You partner will find you sexy anyway. Be confident and enjoy the act.

  1. Discuss your likes and dislikes

If something is making you feel uncomfortable, tell your partner so that they do not those moves again in future. If you want your partner to do something specific to you, then it is better you tell him.

  1. Laugh at awkward moments

There might be some embarrassing moments and there might be a little mess after the act, you need not be critical, you need to learn to handle the situation. Laugh and ignore such situations.


  1. Do not have sex, if you do not want

It is normal to not have sex on your wedding night. It is okay if you were not ready for it or could not continue. It is important to make your partner feel comfortable first.

  1. Do not sleep right away

Do not sleep after the act. It is better to cuddle up for a while and then dose off to sleep. You can talk, stroke his hair, touch his body, give gentle kisses or whisper romantic things. This will make you both feel special.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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