15 Of Most Miserable Moments Of Every Woman’s Life Ever!

By- Shreya Sharma

Being women is awesome. We have so many clothing options to choose from, we can straight your hair, or curl them or do them the way you want. We can choose from so many lip colors and nail colors and we can never pass a good shopping spree. We can always put our emotions on display and then we have people to protect us if needed. But there are some things that everyone experience and we just cannot escape from them. Here are 15 of most miserable moments of every woman’s life ever.

  1. Monthly visitors for the first time

How-ever-old you were when you got your first monthly visitor, you might not have had any clue about what it was. You just saw a red spot in your underwear wore a pad and went to the school. You had no idea that once a month, every month, for your entire life. And telling you that you will one day get pregnant was no perfect answer to it because having baby was never in your mind then. This is really awkward.


  1. First broken heart

You did not know that heartbreak can be so painful. You just could not control your emotions. It was one worst phase that you never wish to relive. Your heart broken for the first time can be pretty awful, but after that you know you can handle it and survive it. But the first heartbreak is a pretty miserable moment and you just cannot stop crying.

  1. Breakup with best friend

By now, you might have dealt with multiple friendship breakups. But the first time you broke up with your best friend was pretty miserable. As you grow older you get to know who your real friends and who are toxic and negative people. Your first breakup with the friend is painful and it feels like the world is falling apart.

  1. Being a summer intern

We all have done summer internship in our college days. We were super excited about it because after being in class for so many days, we just wish to get into the working world and learn new things. You started your internship and then realized that you were wrong and you have to deal with it for your entire summers.


  1. Being bridesmaid in your sister’s wedding

When your sister gets married, that is definitely not your happiest day. Your sister bosses you around and changes so much that you cannot even recognize. When the wedding is done, you breathe the massive sigh of relief that you finally get through it. This one miserable moment that hardly people understands.

  1. Graduating from college

Your college graduation is another miserable day when you have to sit there in the audience for three to four hours while sweating through your cape. You were bored as hell and this made you feel guilty because you were not enjoying your graduation day. It is not at all fun.

  1. The real world sucks

We all face this realization at different stages but we do face it. It happens when you need to do something in your life that is called ‘adulting’. It could be for any reason but you realized that the real world really sucks big time.


  1. Being the target of gossips

It always comes as a shock when you first time gets to know that people are talking behind your back. No matter how confident and secure you are, it is always painful and humiliating. Gossips are silly, stupid and lame and it negative affects you.

  1. Disappointing your parents

No one is perfect and we all have disappointed our parents a few times in our life. They love you, support you and forgive you for your bad behavior. But the moment you disappoint your parents is definitely one miserable moment that you do not wish to remember ever.

  1. Dieting

The first time you went on dieting is horrible and difficult too. You were starving, you snapped at people and you were always in bad mood. The moment you realized that in order to be happy and healthy, you will have to eat healthily and skip dieting, that was great. But your first dieting was miserable.


  1. Going to the gyno

It is uncomfortable and awkward to visit your gyno. You may find your every visit to your gyno pretty awful. This is one miserable moment in a woman’s life that she has to experience again and again. You just have to deal with it.

  1. To learn cooking

To survive and to be healthy, you have to actually cook. The moment you realized that you need to learn to cook was miserable. Experimenting things at first and learning how to cook does not go down well for the first time. You burned food, and get it ordered then. This was miserable.

  1. Your first kiss

You thought that there is more to kissing, but for the first time when you kissed you were depressed and thought if your every kiss will be like this only. This kiss was either super dry or super wet but horrible for sure. But the truth is, being a first timer you do not know how to do it, and you will only learn it on your own. But your first kiss was not as expected.


  1. Death of someone close

It is terrible the time when you bear the loss of someone for the first time. You just cannot believe what is happening. No matter at what age you were, you could not believe how sad you were and how deflated you felt. You realized that death is a part of life and not everyone we love will be by our side forever. It is one difficult thing to deal with.

  1. The first time sex

Every woman can relate to their first time as being one of the most miserable moments in their life. You think that to be your most miserable moment. You felt different after because you weren’t even sure how to feel at all. It’s like you thought that your entire world had changed. Things have improved in your love life since then and sleeping with someone is nothing but amazing.


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