12 Post-Sex Activities Those Are Even More Amazing Than Sex!

By- Shreya Sharma

Sex is sure an intimate act to bring you and your man closer in every manner, but there are certain things that can bring you even close and you can enjoy together after sex. You are done with your wild passionate between the sheet acts but do not just stop over there because you can do a lot after you are done. Here are 12 post-sex activities those are even more amazing than sex.

  1. Laugh about silly things

Find a reason to laugh about together, it can be by the strange sounds, it can be about the lamp post that you kicked off or about the neighbors who might have heard you. This will bring you close and lighten the mood.


  1. Eat something

Sex is like a workout, so you both might be hungry. Go out and prepare some food together or bring the leftover food in bed. Feed each other to feel romantic.

  1. A nap

Fall asleep in the arms of your man or on his chest and wake up at the sight of him looking at you with the feeling of content. This will be a romantic high for you both.

  1. Cuddle

End of sex does not mean that this is the end of physical closeness. Cuddle up with your partner, he too will love it and you both will feel much in love.


  1. Post-sex foreplay

Kiss, stroke each other’s body and give each other massage. It will relax you both and strengthen your bond. Show affection post sex and you will have a healthy relationship and sexual life.

  1. Appreciate each other

Appreciate your man about the things you liked in the session, like when he grabbed your hair or the way he leads you to orgasm. This will boost his confidence and sexual stimulation which will bring you both closer. It will increase your sexual satisfaction in future.

  1. Bath together

Instead of a quick bath, head to shower together and have a sensual bath together. Clean each other and this will increase your bond. You can even soak in the tub together.


  1. Walk naked

Walk naked, instead of grabbing clothes. Head to the kitchen or bubble bath walking naked and this will increase your intimacy level. Be open and comfortable and this way you can have a look at each other’s body. You will feel more confident about your body and it will increase your sexual pleasure.

  1. Talk about fantasies

Talk about the things you should try next time or you both are excited to do next time. This will make your sexual life exciting and keep the bond and anticipation building up.

  1. Talk

This is the time you are true to your emotions, so talk about your life, dreams, hopes and fears. This will enhance your intimacy level. But avoid arguments.


  1. Look into blank

Stare at the ceiling, look at each other and do not try to fill the silence with talk. Enjoy the rush of emotions and feeling of being dazed. Even this silence will bring you both closer.

  1. Start the second round

If you want to, then jump right into the round two. You’re sure to experience an even closer bond after another session of pleasure, so enjoy it.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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