16 Super Infuriating Things People In Relationship Says To Singles!

By- Shreya Sharma

Your friends in the relationship can turn really annoying when they completely forget what being single is and say and do things which they know can make a single roll their eyes. A friend, who was once your partner-in-singlehood suddenly jumps into a relationship and completely forgets about how it is to be single and what one should not say to single! And this can be really annoying and obnoxious. Here are 16 super infuriating things people in the relationship says to singles.

  1. “Oh, you will find someone”

Do you think I am terrified of being single?


  1. “I can understand how it is to be single”

Yes, right. Only then you are saying such stupid things.

  1. “Oh, I have one single friend who is perfect for you”

First, their friend might be just single and not perfect for you. And second, Thanks but no thanks.

  1. “Put yourself out there and you will find one”

Do you want me to stand on the road and wave to every passing guy?


  1. “Yaar! How are you still single?”

Really? Because I do not want to be in the relationship as of now.

  1. “We would love to come out with you but we have some plan”

This ‘we’ along with stupid excuse is a royal way to ignore your offer.

  1. “I wish I was still single”

Does this mean that you want to break up with your partner?


  1. “Oh, hey, I have invited him as well, I hope you do not mind”

Oh, not at all. Why would I mind being the third wheel?

  1. “Oh god, I am glad I never had to go for online dating”

Yea right, this is very bad to use non-traditional platform for meeting people.

  1. “Why are you acting picky?

My standards are high and yes, I deserve this much.


  1. “You too can have a relationship like us someday”

Oh, I am not that desperate to be in a relationship.

  1. “Relationship and sex advice”

They will tell you about how to date a guy or how to keep your man interested because you might need their *expert* advice in future.

  1. “Love yourself, only then you will find someone else”

Calm down. You are no love guru.


  1. “We are at two different points in our life”

You are in a relationship. Cool. Now chill!

  1. “I remember being single”

Ohh. Yeah! Congrats.

  1. “Love will strike you in the least expected place”



Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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