6 Style Ideas You Can Take From Pakistani Brides!

By- Sheena Bagga

Pakistani brides are always awesome and gorgeous, they were carry everything in a different way, but the cultures are almost the same one but the way they carry everything on them it was just flawless. From jewelry to the bridal wear they carry is something that attracts to the eyes. We can defiantly emulate those styling tips and ideas from these brides to look more gorgeous. Just have a look on this pictures below.

Here are few style ideas you can take it from Pakistani brides:

  1. Accessories and hair jewelry

It is so popular in Pakistani brides we can see different accessories and hair jewelry which looks so stunning.

  1. Layered jewelry

Most of the Pakistani brides layering their jewelries, and also keeping it till their navels.

  1. Smokey eyes with bold brows

They usually opt for the Smokey eyes with a perfect subdued lips, long lashes and bold brows doesn’t matter what they are wearing they always opt this look, they mainly highlights their eyes.

  1. Monotone, silver, grey, white outfits

Pakistani brides always pick pastel colors as comparison to the bright ones on their weddings.

  1. Long Kurtas with lehengas

They usually show their midriff and arms just because they wear full sleeves and proper fitted long kurtas and cholis with lehengas which looks so amazing.

  1. Dupatta draping style

Pakistani brides usually used to take their dupatta’s like this way which looks super amazing.

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