12 Crazy Things That Happen When You Try To Sleep!

By- Shreya Sharma

This is no secret that our brain becomes thousand times more active when it comes to sleep. We lie down on our bed and close our eyes and then the corridors of our brain open and start working. We have no clue as to how and why at that time all the personal issues, world issues, dreams, aspirations, ghosts, movies, friend’s issues etc. come into picture to make us feel like insomniac. We switch from one thought to another or rant over one single issue for the whole time. We all have faced it. Let’s recall all the crazy things that happen when you try to sleep.

  1. Everything seems scary; the clothes hanging on your door forms some ghostly shape in your mind and you have to dare and check about its originality.


  1. You remember the decision you made five years ago and cry thinking how you could be this way and make such stupid decision.


  1. You recall all the bad that has ever been done to you and co-relate them.


  1. Your brain starts to make you question your own existence.


  1. And then those silly stupid questions about ‘how was earth created?’ ‘How does internet works?’ ‘Why does microwave revolves like this only?’ etc.


  1. You calculate the hours of sleep you will get if you sleep by now; like I will get to sleep for 4 hours, 35 minutes and 13 seconds.


  1. You are pissed off of the fact that you cannot sleep but you do not know the reason for not being able to sleep.


  1. You check on WhatsApp, Facebook and other platforms to see if any of your friends is online and can help you rescue this no sleep syndrome.


  1. And then your stomach grumps; you are hungry now and going to kitchen with those scary thoughts require courage.


  1. And then the thought of your dream project, success, how you will be when you will earn etc. pops in your mind.


  1. The poet in you starts poetry and you compose texts you will never send.


  1. Despite all the work load, stress and tension; you cannot just mange to sleep and this happens the best when you have to wake up early next day.



Source – Tumblr, Giphy

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