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Don‘t Waste Your Time On Him, If He Won’t Make Time For You!

By- Shreya Sharma

If your guy is the one who does not ever commit to the plans you make, it could be because he is waiting for something better to come his way. They want you to wait for them to hit up on the last minute or will never call you back on the plan. If he is never free for you or is never ready to make time for you, you need not waste your time on him or waiting for his approval to your plan. You got so much better things to do for yourself. Here is why you should never waste your time on him.

  1. You deserve to be the priority

Do not wait for a man who texts you only when he has nothing better to do. Be the girl he cannot stop thinking about, instead of being the girl he only remembers when he is tired of other options or could not find any other option. You are not an option, you should be the priority.


  1. You should not bore yourself

Why not move over a guy who is not willing to give you time? Your life has more potential than to wait for this awful guy. Find a guy who is willing to make time for you even from his busy schedule. You can spend your time in better ways rather than waiting for this guy to hang out with you.

  1. He is not taking you seriously

If he is not making plans with you, it is a clear sign that he is not willing to commit to you. For him, it is all casual between you; he does not take you as his girlfriend and does not even think of it. Do not waste your time on this man.

  1. You are busy too

Do not keep on adjusting according to his work schedule. You should not just wait for him all your time. You are strong and independent not to take such shit excuses from any man. Do not waste your time; instead, you should be living your life to the fullest.


  1. You are more than your body

If he is not interested in dating you, he should not get time to spend with you in bed. If he talks with you and makes the plan with you only when he is bored and horny, sorry but he does not respect you. He just uses you for sex and you are way too good to be used as a sex partner.

  1. It is his loss

If a guy is not making plans with you, there is nothing to feel bad and think about what is wrong with you. There is something wrong with him that he cannot make time for you. This is his loss as he is losing an amazing girl like you. you should find someone who keeps you as his priority.

  1. Stay strong to earn respect

If he does not make plans with you, he is making himself a priority in your relationship. For him, you are never a priority and that is why you have to alter your plan according to his specifications. Stay strong and earn respect by not being with someone who cannot manage his time for you.


  1. He is never going to be a good boyfriend

He will never put in his efforts if you start working on his whims. If he is canceling every single plan and you are the one always waiting, it shows he is not willing to put any efforts in this relationship. You do not deserve a man who does not put in efforts for you.

  1. He will harm your self-esteem

Love and respect yourself enough, so that no man can make you feel bad. You are sure going to feel bad when he will have time for everything except for you.  He should make you feel good about yourself. Do not let him make you doubt yourself. Love yourself enough not to waste your time on him.

  1. Your time is precious

If he won’t make time for you but expects you to make time for him, then he doesn’t consider your time precious. He wants you to work around his schedule because he thinks the relationship is all about him. Just remember, your time is just as important as his and you’re just as important as him. If that’s not obvious to him, he’s definitely not worth it.

  1. Be picky, not desperate

Do not be too desperate for a man who cannot even commit to your plans. You might want a boyfriend but not a man who treats you like shit. Stay single and be picky until you find a man who is worth your time.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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