20 Ways To Make Him Go Crazy Over You!

By- Shreya Sharma

We all want our man to be crazy for us. There is hardly any girl who will not love it when her man is head over heels in love with you and is crazy like hell for you. It is not that hard to make a guy go crazy over you; all you need is some time and patience and you will be able to make him go crazy over you naturally. Here are 20 ways to make him go crazy over you.

  1. Look into his eyes

As the guy you like enters the room, look into his eyes. Blink gently and look into his eyes with a bright smile. He will notice it for sure and will come to you.


  1. Being low maintenance

First, understand the type of guy you are with. If your guy is the one who loves to shower you with gifts, he will not mind if you are high maintenance. But if the guy is another way around, you need to show him your low maintenance side.

  1. Do not change him

Do not ask your guy to change his shoes or hair when they are not of your taste. If you do not like him for his oddity, you should reconsider about what you are looking for in a man.

  1. Perfume

Guys like women with the signature scent. Pick a smile, flirty and sexy perfume and apply a little. Wear the same perfume every time you meet him. He will love you if he likes the fragrance you wear every time.


  1. Do not be insecure

Be confident when you meet a guy. Guys find insecurity to be an unattractive trait. He is with you because he finds you beautiful, you need not be insecure or complaint.

  1. Do not take his role

Though there should be equality, but when you are in a strong relationship, let your man show his masculine side. He will start taking the lead and you should be thankful when he helps you in any manner.

  1. Do not be too clingy

You need not stick to him and follow him everywhere. Do not be too clingy and available to do anything that he wants. Give your man some space.


  1. Be unique

You need to do something unique that sets you apart from other attractive men. Find your USP and hold it to live your life.

  1. Be pretty

Do not let go of yourself just because you have found your man. Pamper yourself just the way you used to do before finding him.

  1. Try new things

Be open and try new things even if that is your biggest fear. Love is a great motivation and you should always be ready to try new things with your man and to have some fun experiences.


  1. Being unpredictable is cool

You too can take initiative and plan some cool, unexpected fun for you and your man. Not all man like surprises, but for many, it is intriguing and thrilling. Be a little unpredictable to keep things exciting in your relationship.

  1. Try to know his family

Ask your man about his family and genuinely show your care and concern. This will show him that you are interested in him and the people he loves.

  1. Know his friends

You need not love them, but you can at least try to get along with them. Do not be rude to his friends and try to have a cordial relationship.


  1. Support him

Even man need support at times, so when you feel that he needs that support, be there with him and help him out.

  1. Jealousy game

You need not spend a lot of time with your friends just to make your guy feel jealous. The more he craves for your company, the crazier he goes for you, but this does not mean you have to make him feel jealous.

  1. Listen to him

Pay attention to your man and listen to him when he is talking. Do not be too self-centered. Give him space so that he can speak his mind. Appreciate him for his actions and he will go crazy over you.


  1. Be responsible

Show that you are responsible for taking care of yourself in every manner. You can have fun while being responsible.

  1. Enjoy your life

Looking sad and depressed will never attract any man to you.

  1. Be independent

Show the guy that you are strong and independent and it will attract men. Being sticky with them will only repel him away from you.

  1. Be yourself

Do not pretend to be someone you are not. Be yourself and earn respect.


Source –  Tumblr

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