9 Reasons To Never Send Nudes To Him Ever!

By- Shreya Sharma

Not everyone is comfortable sending nudes!! You are not even obliged to. You might think he will get offend if you denied but dude that is your call, you are not there to follow his orders. It is completely your choice but we will prefer you better keep your private parts private only. Here are the reasons to never send nudes to him ever.

  1. You might break up in future

Nothing is certain, not even your relationship. Married people get divorce, so you are just in relationship. Do you want your partner to have a folder of your nudes after breakup?


  1. Care about your future

You know what you want from your future; do not let your nudes hamper your future goals. You are smart enough.

  1. You are worth the wait

If he really wants you, he can wait for you to unveil your natural self.


  1. Hiding your face does not help

It does not make you anonymous. If you think no one will be able to identify you, then you are sadly mistaken.

  1. You are exploiting yourself

If you enjoy it, it is all okay. But if your instinct is not allowing you, do not go for it because you are more than your naked body.


  1. You could accidentally send it to the wrong person

It could be anybody with the same name, your boss, father, brother, some other friend or you just accidentally tapped on someone else’s name. It will be hell of drama.

  1. His friends scan his phone

What if he showed it to his friends to flaunt his achievement or a friend just had a scan through his phone?


  1. If there is no immediate response, you will freak out

There could be ample of reasons for him not replying immediately but you might think that you were not up to his expectations and freak out.

  1. You do not want to

You are doing it just for his sake and not because you want to do this. If you have to think about it twice, just do not do it.


Source – Giphy

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