9 Ways To Deal With The Fear Of Losing Someone!

By- Shreya Sharma

We all fear losing someone we love. And when we are in the relationship, it does not matter if it is a new relationship or a long-term, the fear that your partner might leave you still prevails. You plan so much with them that the idea of being away from them is scary and it haunts you every now and then. Here are 9 ways to deal with the fear of losing someone.

  1. Relax

It is natural to have this fear if you love someone truly. Once you accept it, it will be easy for you to accept your feelings and work towards moving on.


  1. Do not try to control everything

You cannot control everything that happens in your life and same is with people. They will come and go from your life as and when they want. Realize that you cannot control everything. Do not turn into a control freak.

  1. Write a diary

Write your thoughts and feelings and fears when it comes to losing someone, it will help you a lot to get in terms with your feelings. This will help you relax and relieve your tension. This will help you tone down and realize that everything will be ok.

  1. Talk with your partner

Tell your partner about your fear and this will help him know about your feelings. He can reassure you and ease down your pain.


  1. Realize that this can make things worse

If you are so caught up with the fear of losing them, this can make the situation worse and drive him away from you. Once you will realize that this is making your relationship worse, you will be able to overcome your fears to safeguard your relationship.

  1. Imagine about your life without them

This can be difficult, but once you do it, you will be able to realize that you can go without them. You will realize that things will work out in the end and you will be able to get a hold on your fear.

  1. Enjoy with your partner

Enjoy with your partner, their company, their personality and this will help you forget about your fears. You will be with them and wrapped in affection and care.


  1. Understand that life will go on

Realize that your life will go on, with them or without them. Sure you want to have your life with him, but you can live either way. He does not define your happiness or your life.

  1. Accept and deal with this part of life

Life happens whether you want it to or not, and you will have to deal with losing people you love here and there. The loss is a part of life and will impact you in some way some day. Accepting this reality now will help you in overcoming your fear.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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