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10 Ways He Is Showing Interest In You Which You Are Unaware Of!

By- Shreya Sharma

It is always important to know if a guy is into you before you act so that you do not end up making a fool of yourself. If you do not know how he feels, you might misinterpret his signals and end up embarrassing yourself. Do not just go with your instinct or hope for the best, it is better to know a few signs that indicate he want you. Here are 10 ways he is showing interest in you which you are unaware of.

  1. Eye contact

Eye contact is a clear way to say ‘I am into you’. Long deep eye contact is usually for the ones we are romantically interested in. If he is looking into your eyes for a long period of time, it is safe to say that he wants you.


  1. He goes out of his ways to see you

If your love interest seems to constantly “happen” to be where you are, it’s a definite sign he wants you. If you see him there, again and again, there’s a good chance he’s there for you. Of course, it’s wise to make sure he doesn’t just happen to share your route or habits, otherwise, things could get embarrassing.

  1. He initiates conversation

If he tried to engage you in conversation frequently, then it is a sign that he wants you. People, who talk more about the things of their interest, are more likely to fall in love.

  1. He smiles constantly

If he is smiling all time when you are around, he wants you. If you see a large, open grin which is accompanied by laughter and compliments, then he may have feelings for you.


  1. He flirts with you

If he flirts only with you, then he is interested in you. Guys can easily flirt with many girls, so beware. If his behavior changes around you, it could be because he is interested in you.

  1. He leans in

If he is moving into your personal space, then it is a sign that he is interested in you. If he is interested enough, he will shed his walls and be a part of your life.

  1. He gets jealous

If a guy is jealous, then it is sure sign that he has romantic feelings for you, otherwise, he will not be bothered about with whom you spend your time and how they act around you. If he gets jealous when you spend time with other guys, it could be because he is interested in you.


  1. He tries to find common interest

If the guy is trying to find common interest and hobbies that you both enjoy, then it is because he is interested in you. He will find out your interests and remember them.

  1. He is friendly

It might seem to be friendly, but if his sweet intentions pop up again and again, then he really wants you. He will make notes for you, bring coffee for you or drop you home.

  1. He blushes

If the guy you like blushes when you are around, stumbles on his words, looks shy or nervous, then he is into you. But you need to know if he is this way with everyone or just when you are around him. Be honest rather than giving yourself false hopes.


Source –  GiphyTumblr

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