10 Things Women Should By The Time They Are 30!

Most of the girls spend a lot of money in purchasing the wrong stuff when they are 30. You buy some cheap clothes, cheap accessories and a lot more things which really had no value or staying power. But something might hit you by the time you are 27- 28 and you start to realize that you can use your money in some valuable things. By the time you turn 30 you will realize that you have some things which are quite special and you have some amazing memories related to it which makes it even more special.Girls TOP 10 stuff.

Here are the 10 things you should invest in which will make you happy when you are 30.

  1. The Leather tote Bag

It is the real leather in a color that you can carry everyday with everything. You should stay away from bright colors or designer logos which go in and out of style. Simple, classy leather is all you need.


  1. The Black dress

It is not the little black dress but just the dress. A dress size is really a matter of choice and comfort. It will definitely give you an amazing feeling and just don’t compromise with the quality as this dress is going to be with you for years and years to come.

black dress

  1. The Black pumps

This is a must have in your closet. These black pumps are just perfect for any interview or in official parties. You just feel confident after wearing this pair.


  1. The Black pant

You need a black pant for your styling now. A legging or jeans would not do now! Every woman have that one pant which fits them so well that it looks like it was just made for them.


  1. Perfectly fitted jeans

Every girl has a lot of jeans but you need the perfect one which gives your legs and butt a perfect shape.


  1. Black Leather Jacket

Leather pants and skirts come in and out of fashion, but a black leather jacket will always be cool with jeans or over a dress. Buy a good quality of leather jacket so that you don’t have to replace it every year.


  1. Trench Coat

It gives a classic look to every dress you wear and instantly give a great look to every outfit you wear.


  1. One designer item

It can be shoes, handbag or clothes you should buy one designer item for your styling with hard earned money.


  1. A Luxe Robe

Nothing can be like taking a warm bath and then slipping into your robe. It feels like heaven.


  1. Diamond studs

This is a must have as you should not turn 3-0 with just your jewelry matching to your clothes. If you only treat yourself to one splurge item in your twenties, make it a pair of real diamond earrings.


Skadoosh guys!

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