20 Signs That Your Bestie Will Always Be… Kamini-Dost!

By- Shreya Sharma

‘Kunki har ek friend kamina hota hai’ and when it comes to your best friends, be it a guy or a girl, they will never leave any chance to embarrass you. They can do anything, get us in some trouble, and fight with the ones who talk bad about us, make us look like a fool in front of our crush and acting oh-so-sane when meeting our parents. But no matter what we just love them to the core because we are the same when it is our turn. Here are 20 signs that your bestie will always be Kamini dost.

  1. You plan not to do homework, but she does!

Me: Yaar homework karne ka mann nahi hai.

Friend: Chhod yaar, koi bhi nahi krega. Main bhi nahi kar rahi.

Next day:

Friend: Yaar raat ko neend nahi aa rahi thi to maine kaam kar lia.


  1. You spend your pocket money on them, but they hardly spend on you

‘Yaar aaj paise nahi hai, aaj tu pay kar de, kal pakka de dungi’.

This same dialogue every day in a row.

  1. Sharing lunch

Yaar bhukh lagi hai, lunch kare? And then your lunch becomes theirs and you just look at them.

  1. Same crush story

And you both blush and smile together, and later realize that you actually liked the same guy.

  1. Partners in crime

Because bitching alone does not make sense.


  1. A phone call means end of your balance

Because how can they disconnect the call to their boyfriend, especially if it is war.

  1. You are blamed for her bad habits

Her mom: Yeh makeup ki adat usi ne daali hogi tujhe.

  1. When you understand the reason for being late

There are chances that you both are late because you know how hard it is to get the perfect winged eyeliner.

  1. Sharing screenshots

Whenever one of you is in conversation with their crush, they screenshot you the entire chat and even seeks your approval before sending certain messages.

  1. When they have boyfriend

She: Yaar pta hai wo mere liye kal rose laya tha!

She: Wo bhi aise hi khata hai.

She: Yaar mai usko bhi bula lu kal?


  1. During breakup

You are her shoulder to cry on and how you just knew that he was not the right one for you.

  1. You bitch about the people you had fights with

*After fight with Sonia*

She: Look at the clothes she wears aur mjhe sunane aae hai.

Me: Yaar, uska kya matlab tha tujhe aisa bolne ka. Tune sunaya nahi usko?

  1. You have to keep her boyfriend’s gifts

Yaar ghar nahi le ja skti, mummy papa ne dekh lia to sau sawal puchenge. Tu le ja please.

  1. She ditches you to meet her boyfriend

Yaar actually wo Rahul bol raha tha aaj date pe chale kya? Please yar, aaj nahi aa pau. Kal mil le pkka.

  1. You share clothes

Especially, when she has to go on date, you turn into her personal stylist and your clothes club in together to find the perfect dress.


  1. You shop together

Yaar kapde nahi hain, sarojini chal le!

  1. She discusses her date in detail with you

Phir, usne mera haath hold kia.. Tujhe pta hai I was so nervous.

  1. You have a competition when it comes to studies

She: Tune kuch padha?

Me: Nahi yar!

During exam

Arey iska answer ye hai, mai bta rahi hu na, maine padha tha.

  1. You support each other during period

Haan yaar, mai janti hu. Mujhe bhi itna hi pain hota hai. Tu so ja thodi der, mera dard usi se sahi hota hai.

  1. When she is drunk, you are her support

Because probably she will be crying about her ex, or how her boyfriend is not spending enough time with her.  


Source –  GiphyTumblr

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