9 Things You Learn When You Go Broke!

When we have sufficient amount of money with us to sustain, we usually do not care about small things in life. We think we have enough money and sources to help us pass through difficulties of life. But on the other hand being broke has its own pros and cons. Not having money for a specific period of time can also teach you a lot of things that even being rich can’t. Following are some of the things that you learn when you are broke.

  1. Respect for money

The first thing that you learn when you are broke is respect for money. When you do not have sufficient amount of financial support, you start gaining the importance of money and spend wisely after that, even after when you are rich.


  1. You learn to cook

Having food from restaurants and hotels only sound viable when you have money. The only other option available is to cook for yourself so as to maintain the budget. Slow and steady you even learn to cook which add on to your skills list.


  1. Respect for parents

Once you work and strive for money you get to know how much your parents must have gone through to make you feel comfortable every single time. They made sure that you get every comfort in life. Therefore you start respecting and loving your parents more and give them the importance they deserve.


  1. You learn to invest

Spending all the money on having fun is never a good thing to do and you realize that when you go broke. You start investing your money in different things in order to increase it.


  1. Prioritization of things

Once you are broke you know that you cannot have everything, so you select things according to your priority and then buy them. This quality that you acquire when you are broke always remains with you.


  1. Self exploration

You get to know a lot of things about yourself when you are broke. You start knowing your merit and demerits. You get enlightened about yourself when you start trying new things while you are broke.


  1. Learn to save

Being broke helps you know the importance of money and as a result you start saving for time of emergency. You always have some money save in your bank or at home in case you face any problem.


  1. Learn to categorize people

When you are broke you get a lot of wisdom while trying to rise up. During that process you start learning a lot of things about a lot of people and you start categorizing them keeping in mind your priority. This helps you to know that how much time you are needed to spend with a particular person.


  1. Nobody but you are your biggest enemy

When you are broke you have two choice, either remain the same way or strive to be rich. If you choose the second option you will get to know that your biggest competitor is you. In order earn more than you are earning now, it is required that you become more than what you are now. So you are in a constant fight with yourself.


Well these are the few things among many that you learn while you are broke.

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