12 Things Makes Periods Pain Worse That You Didn’t Know Of!

By- Shreya Sharma

Period pain and cramps get us go crazy and moody. We just deal with it, not paying attention to the things that could actually be making our period pain worse. The only thing you can do with that is curse the prostaglandins that are causing you such pain. We just don’t stop to think that there are certain factor under our control that makes us pain worse than it has to be. There are certain things that add to your pain and we must take constructive actions to make our period hurt less. Here are the things that makes periods pain worse.

  1. Alcohol

It makes period pain worse because you retain water ad becomes bloated. Thus its inflammation is worse. Alcohol may increase the levels of prostaglandins in your body which is the reason of period pain. So avoid alcohol in period time.

  1. Medical Conditions

Endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, which causes bacteria infecting your womb, ovaries and Fallopian tubes. The painful infection causes swelling and irritation. Fibroid are some medical conditions which causes period pains worse. If you are suffering from worst period pain, you must consult a doctor.

  1. Salty Food

Salty food such as chips, french fries and canned foods can increase already existing bloating and discomfort. So try to stay away from High-sodium foods.

  1. Stress

It can cause all kinds of health problems. One of those is making your period pain worse.

  1. Lack of sleep

Being sleep deprived lowers your pain threshold. Less serotonin is produced when you do not sleep enough, which can result in an increased sensitivity to pain.

  1. Being over-weight

Over-weight women are more likely to suffer from period pain. If you have lots of fat cells these can change into a weak type of estrogen which has an effect on your glands.

  1. Dairy Products

There is no cheese or ice-cream for you, while you are on your period. Because dairy products contains Omega-6 fatty acid that makes you bloat.

  1. Milk Chocolate

Chocolate contains two things sugar and dairy, that makes your period pain worse. So, it might give you a moment of delight but inevitable more pain.

  1. Fatty meats

It contains arachidonic acid which causes breakout, breast tenderness and bloating.

  1. Smoking

Research has shown that smoking makes period pains worse and the more cigarettes you smoke, the worse the pain gets.

  1. Coffee and Tea

Caffeine in any form is known to make your cramps worse. It can dehydrate your body and negative impact on your sleeping pattern. It constricts blood vessels and makes you more tense. It is bad to have coffee or tea during your menses.

  1. Sugar

Consuming sugar at that time of month messes with your already messed up sugar levels. Sugar can also cause inflammation and make your cramps worse. You can consume figs or dates instead of sugar during your period time.

Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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