14 Secrets On How To Be Amazing In Bed… Every Time!

By- Shreya Sharma

Do you wish to knock out your man being a sexy diva in bed? We know you want to be amazing in bed. We all want our partner to end up saying this was the best session he ever had every time we hit the bed. There are many out of us who fear being bad in bed and not being able to satisfy their partner which actually worsens things up. You got to be confident enough to have the best time of your life. Here are 14 secrets on how to be amazing every time in bed.

  1. Take the charge

It is sexy as hell when you speak about what you want in bed. Take charge in bed, guide his hands to the places you want to be touched, tell them what to do or dare them not to touch you or be demanding to a comfortable level. It will make things more intense and hot.

  1. Do not be shy My Honey!!

Being shy can be a big time mood killer when you both are naked in bed. It means you have no confidence and you will be dis-interested in trying new things which will make things boring. Your first time might be intimidating but your man is there with you, so breath confidence.

  1. Be confident. YASS!

Confidence is sexy. When you know what you are doing and have that sense of confidence in your actions or undressing your man or yourself, your partner will be sure to have a sexy time. Be confident to get away from the awkward sex.

  1. Pay attention to what they like

Pay attention to their reactions if whether they are positive and make your move accordingly. Ask them what they want in a sexy way and then you know how to make the night fun.

  1. Foreplay is a must. *wink*

When you skip foreplay, you skip half the fun and pleasure. Plus it will be hard for you to go through the final action. Foreplay sets the mood right and leads you to one fantastic, fanatic night.

  1. Look sexy hostess. *kiss*

Sex is one visual activity. You might close your eyes for a while but for the rest of the time, you look at your partner. Thus you need to look incredible enough that your partner cannot resist his urge to have you at that moment. Go, hit gym, get waxed or wear something sexy that will pump up the pressure in him.

  1. Practice is the trick. Practice. Practice. Practice.

Get naked and practice because the more you will have sex with someone, the more you will know about what they want and the better your sex will grow.

  1. Understand their body language. It says ALL!

Body language gives you a lot of information about your partner’s needs during sex. Read the body language to know what they like and respond accordingly to have the best sex.

  1. Play with pace. Slow. Fast. Uniform is boring.

Going with a uniform speed in sex is plain boring. You may go hard and fast at times but sometimes, you need to slow down as well. Change your speed during action to add more sensation and drama. Slow down for a while or stop and make them urge for more.

  1. Cater their needs

Not same thing pleases everyone. We all have different needs and same are with our sexual needs. The way to have a great sex is to cater your as well as your partner’s needs.

  1. Change positions

Having sex in a same position over and over again makes it a boring routine. You got to switch positions to add excitement and fun to your sex life. Plus different positions give different feelings to both people. And you both might like different positions. So try them.

  1. Communicate. Communication is the key.

Talk during the sex but of course about the act or what they want you to do to them. You will get to know about what they want or like and your dirty talking will add more fun to your sex.

  1. Make it last longer

Longer pleasure is the better pleasure. Make the sex last as reasonably long as possible. You will love it.

  1. Ask for feedback

After the deed is done and you’ve both had time to return to your normal breathing rate, ask them how they liked it! Don’t probe for too much information, but do ask them if they liked certain things better than others. It’ll give you material to work off of for next time!

Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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