9 Weird Changing Room Experience That You Must Have Had!!

We all have those weird, random, oh-so-funny, oh-so-annoying, what-was-that changing room stories. We share these stories with our BFFs and have a great laugh. We present you some #trial-room-stories we all must have ever had.

  1. Scan for hidden camera

When we go to trial room, first thought that come across our mind is “Yahan hidden camera toh nhi hai?” we scan and scrutinize each and every corner to check if there lies any hidden camera. This is done especially when you go and try out lingerie.

  1. When the sales girl keeps on providing you lingerie

When you are inside with like 14-15 bras already for trail and they keep on doing knock-knock, saying “ma’am try this piece as well”, “Ma’am iska fit bohot acha aaega”, “Ma’am this comes in soft pad” and you have a feeling to knocking-them-off.

  1. Adjacent trial room

Those times when you hear some weird sounds from the adjacent trail room. In recent, I faced this, when two friends decided to be in the same trail room and all of a sudden one of them screams, saying “Girl! Ye toh bht sexy dress hai”.

  1. When male friends are not allowed

When you step out for shopping with your male friend or boyfriend and you decide to try on some cloth and bam!! You are in the trail room, and your boyfriend or male friend is asked to check your attire from 1 or 2 km. away (just mere exaggeration).  

  1. Confusion on how to hang clothes

When we have so many clothes to try and we are all confused and perplexed as to how to hang so many of clothes and the ones you are wearing now and your bag and your next change!! Aahh.. I am confused even now.

  1. When clothes you try stuck on you

We often are not sure about which size to pick. And the situation when we carry the wrong or I should say the small size and the cloth is now not ready to get off you. You are struck with that. You manage wearing that but now the cloth has started loving you so much that it is in no mood to go away, making you suffocate for a good 30 seconds.

  1. When “aas-pass wale” spy in your trial room

This is something that happens every time we visit trial room. We just open the slightest of our door to sneak out and people start looking at our trial room like some celeb was hiding inside.

  1. When your friend leaves you alone

You hate your friend or sister for leaving you alone. Imagine the situation when you were inside trial room, you stepped out to show how it looks, just to see that there is no one waiting for you outside. They are busy with their scrutinizing and scanning of clothes. It leaves you pissed off that you go back, change and leave.

  1. When you are not waxed and you cannot step out

The situation when you try a dress or top for future plans and you are not waxed and of course in no situation to step out with those hairy legs or arms. And to your surprise, either your friend is away with their work or people are trying to peep in to see what you are wearing.

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Skadoosh Guys!

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