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9 Promises Every Girl Should Make With Herself!

By- Someshree Banerjee

Not all promises are meant to be broken. Some need to be kept forever so that you don’t lose yourself. Here’s bringing to you a list of 9 promises every girl should not only make to herself but also keep forever.

  1. Love thy self!

Love ourselves and respect the fact that we are who we are, and no matter who says what about us, we will have the confidence to believe in ourselves.

  1. Taking the road less travelled!

Live our life through our choices and not be disheartened by any hurdle that comes our way.

  1. Haters gonna hate!

Never to pay any heed to anybody else’s POV and believe in our thinking.


  1. I deserve the best!

Never to settle for any less than what we deserve and be wise in the choices that we make.

  1. Live and let live!

Be happy and keep people around us happier.


  1. Forgive but don’t forget!

Forgive ourselves and reconcile with others but neither forget their deeds nor repeat those mistakes.

  1. Freedom of speech: enabled!

Speak our mind and never apologize for speaking the truth or be tight-lipped to any wrong that we see is taking place.


  1. The length of my skirt is never a measure of my character.

Style ourselves just the way we want irrespective of anybody’s judgement about us.

  1. Love thou parents.

Love our parents and be with them always just the way they’ve always been by our side as our pillar of support.


Source –  Tumblr

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