Not Having A Boyfriend Is No Big Deal – Here Is Why!

By- Shreya Sharma

Being single is not any kind of disability, it is quite common now days because you know meeting a guy with same demands and who has same expectations from love is rare to find. Not having a boyfriend is no big deal and surely nothing to feel depressed about. You should feel happy that you are not with someone with whom you do not even share same perspective or with whom you will not have any future. You should be happy that you are not wasting your time with someone who does not deserve you. Here are 9 reasons why not having a boyfriend is no big deal.

1. You have time to work for yourself

When you are in relationship, it is quite hectic to manage your relationship and other work schedules together. So, as now you have time for yourself, you better work on your goals first. Join that class you always wanted to, climb your career ladder, hit the gym and do all that you should fix.


2. You have time to understand what you want in your partner

Being single, the idea of dating seems to be fun and exciting but do not make dating your aim or do not think of making any guy you meet as your boyfriend. Being single gives you the time to get to know different personalities and thus you will be able to understand what you want in your forever man.

3. You have time to understand yourself

Your happiness not only depends on being in a relationship yet being single we all are in a search for love. Being open to love is fine but finding love should not be your main aim. This is your time you enjoy yourself and understand yourself.

4. You learn new things about yourself

Having a boyfriend is great but you should take out time for yourself so that you can learn new things about yourself which is liberating. Relish your alone time and search what your soul really wants instead of getting into a shell of relationship.


5. You will realize there is more to life

Slowly you will notice things happing around you that have nothing with love and that’s when you will realize that life has more to offer.  You will see separation, loss, sufferings and will experience grief. You will see man y situations being single and this will make you strong.

6. You will have complete control on yourself

You will always cherish being single because you have no one to answer to and you need not to consider anyone before making plans for your own. You will have complete freedom to enjoy anything and everything at your own.

7. You will have time to deal with past scars

When you are single, you have time to de-clutter your heart and heal from the miseries and sorrows of past relationship. You will have time to think about your behavior in relationship, the way you love, the way you choose your partner. It will help you improve as a person.


8. You will be free to explore things

When you are in a relationship, you share your life and thus you need to discuss about every plan of yours in advance. When you are single, you need not to worry about anything. You can take the trip to your dream place as and when you want without making a hot topic. Plan the trips you never ever thought about. This will empower you.

9. You become comfortable in your company

When you are in a relationship, you will never be able to learn how to be completely okay being on your own. But when you are alone, you will actually be comfortable with your company and you will learn to make the most of it.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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