10 Signs That He Is A Great Guy And You Should Never Let Him Go!

By- Shreya Sharma

Being in a relationship can be exciting and delightful. And sure being in a relationship, we all wonder if the guy we are dating is worth our time and efforts or not? If he is our forever one or not? Have we made the right decision? Is this the right time to think about the options? At times we feel that we have the best man and on other times, we may question our choice. Here are 10 signs that he is a great guy and you should never let him go.

1. He loves you no matter what

We all have something strange about us, for some it could be their weird laugh and for some it could be awkward way of walking or maybe you talk while sleeping, it could be anything. But he still finds you adorable. With him you can be yourself and he still loves you for that.


2. He is always there with you

Some situations cannot be altered like your monthly visitor. He does not know how it feels in periods and we all face hormonal changes and deadly mood swings, he will not know how to help us but he will still be by our side, wrap a blanket around us and give us massage. He will not run away during our tough times.

3. He make his efforts for you

He always tries to surprise you with romantic gestures and songs but you know it end up into embarrassing stories. But you feel so flattered by his gesture and it becomes a memory to cherish always. He is not perfect and no one can be but he can make efforts for you to make you smile.

4. He does not let you go to bed angry

Every couple fights and that is one fact. Having a man who makes sure that you do not go to bed angry or upset is like bliss. It is worse to carry the baggage of fight to bed and waking up knowing you had fight and you have to ignore one another. He is a keeper, if takes efforts to solve the fight.


5. He is not scared to meet your parents

If your man is excited to meet your family and tries his best to become a part of your family or to be loved by your people, you are lucky. If he does not isolate you from your family, he is a keeper.

6. He is the only person you want to have good time with

Be it eating dinner, watching movie, shopping or playing games, you want to do it all with him and have memorable times with him. You do not mind spending time with other people but sometimes all you want is alone time with him. You never have a dull moment together.

7. He has some cooking skills

It could just know the basics like making toast or maggi or coffee or he could be better than you in kitchen, the point is he knows his way around kitchen. It is great to know that he will be there to put in efforts with you in kitchen.


8. Neither of you doubt one another

In a relationship, trust is one important element and you both trust one another enough. He does not bombard you with questions about where, with whom and others when you have a night out and the same is with you. His reasons are legitimate. He is a keeper.

9. He let you know about your love every now and then

It’s been long that you have been together but his I love you is not automatic and just a habit. He finds creative ways to show his love for you. He shows his love and care for you every now and then, which makes him a keeper.

10. He does not have multiple personalities

He does not pretend to be someone cool and different with your family and friends. He does not have to act any differently around you to make you like him better. He’s the same person all the time—honest and consistent.   


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