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14 Reasons Loving After Heartbreak Is Never Too Easy!

By- Shreya Sharma

If you ever have been through heartbreak, you will know how hard it is to deal with such situation and get over it. You feel the chills piercing your heart and your heart sinking with every single thought of them. We all have been through this; we have all spent the nights crying. We have cried under showers and our best friend could not help us enough. It is hard to move on after a bad heartbreak. Here are 14 reasons loving after heartbreak is never too easy.

  1. You cannot trust easily

After heartbreak, it is hard for you to trust someone. You are cautious being vulnerable with someone and you hold yourself from being vulnerable again.


  1. Everything reminds you of him

You had so many memories with your ex all over the city and your house. And this makes it hard for you get over your ex because you are haunted by the good and bad memories of your ex, making you cry again and again.

  1. You doubt your happiness

When your relationship ends, you are bound to feel depressed and sad. You are not sure if you deserve happiness or to be in love with someone too soon.

  1. Comparisons

There will be the time when you will compare your ex with your current flame. But you should not let this comparison bow you down with expectations which will certainly harm your relationship.


  1. Doubting the self-worth

Heartbreaks shake your self-confidence. You will start to doubt if you are worth being with someone or not. You need to love yourself.

  1. Hiding from public

Just because your relationship falls apart, does not mean you should keep your other relationships under wrap. No two relationships are same. So, you should not harm your other relations or new relationship because the earlier one did not work.

  1. Taking things slow

After you face the heartbreak, you start to strategize your love so that you do not have to deal with the same fate again. You might plan to take things super slow, but does your new partner want this? Let things flow naturally.


  1. Intimacy is difficult

You might be out of those who need love to get intimate, but after heartbreak, being intimate with a new guy is hard. Take your time and space but do not let the bad memories ruin your present.

  1. Extreme of moods

If you share the same social circle or workplace, then you will run into your ex often, reminding you all the times with him. This will lead to extreme moods which your partner might not understand and this will harm your relationship.

  1. Investing your emotion on right one

After heartbreak, you feel you have wasted your emotions and feelings on a wrong person, and the next time you do not want to take chance this easily. You need to understand that love is never easy, so you need to take the risk.


  1. Being on different level

Your current partner might want something serious, while you are still looking for a rebound and these two different paths will not lead you towards a successful relationship. Check if you both are on the same path.

  1. Trying too hard to impress

Your ex might have told you that you are one horrible person and it pinched you in the heart. This time you will try too hard to please your current partner even if this is not you.

  1. Immediate conclusions

If you current flame does not pick up your call for a while, you immediately think that he is cheating on you. You reach to immediate conclusions which harm your relationship and put a lot of pressure on your partner.

  1. You expect the worst

You expect the worst and are constantly worried that this relationship will end in heartbreak. Little you may know that this paranoia will kill the relationship before it is due.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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