11 Things You’ll Get About Sex If You Are An Introvert!

By- Shreya Sharma

Being an introvert is hard because people may consider you rude and arrogant. Your need to have alone time is more than others which make it hard for others to understand you. Your introvert nature can also suggest a lot about your sex life, as in comparison to extroverts, you have less of sex. Here are 11 things you will get about sex if you are an introvert.

  1. Initiating is not easy

You prefer to be invited by your friends rather than inviting them. The same can apply to initiating sex because you will prefer to think about it before initiating.


  1. Casual sex is a no sometimes

You want to have a long-term connection with people which has no links with casual sex. You do not want to waste your energy and time on someone you will never meet again. You want to be with those without whom you can cultivate an intimate and personal relationship.

  1. Being away from your safe space is difficult

It is hard for you to stay in social conditions. You have a safe space where you go to feel reenergized. This is why leaving this space and sleeping at someone else’s home can be a terrible thought.

  1. For you, sex is both physically and mentally exhausting

Being an introvert, you think first and talk later. So when it comes to sex, you observe and dissect everything going on which exhausts your mind as well as body.


  1. Sharing your safe space is a challenge

It can be hard for you to let someone in, in your safe space. For you, not only sex but sharing your safe space too is an intimate act. Combining these two can make sex even more complicated.

  1. When you are socially drained, you do not want to have sex

You know, when you are out with people, you feel drained out. You just want some ‘me time’ and detach yourself from the world after that. And having sex after a social gathering is the last thing you wish to do.

  1. It is hard for you to talk about sex

You have an inner monolog going all the times, but to speak them in words is really hard for you. Talking about sex can be hard for you because it will involve you to talk. Introverts hate small talks because it creates the barrier between people, and not because they hate people.


  1. You want to build intimacy level first

You stay with people only when you give them a pass to be more intimate. Foreplay can be helpful for you to make you feel comfortable leading up to sex.

  1. For you, silence after sex is not weird

You look for the silent environment to feel reenergized. Silence after sex may feel odd to some, but you love it completely as it allows you to restore your energy.

  1. You want your partner to be observant

You prefer one-on-one interaction and prefer to sit and observe the environment and people. When it comes to sex, it is important to respond to your partner’s needs. You may feel that you worked hard on your partner’s needs as compared to your partner.

  1. It may get distracted

When you are stimulated, it is easy for you to get distracted, because there is so much for you to observe and think about.


Source –  GiphyTumblr

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