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11 Questions Men Has Asked Women At Least Once!

By- Shreya Sharma

As we talked about earlier that men do have a proper research about women and their working and have certain interesting questions to ask and we even shared certain of our secrets as well. Even then man seem have not figured us out well and for them, women is a mystery. There are a set of questions both man and woman have for each other but it is more bewildering for men. Here are the questions every man has asked women at least once.

  1. Do you watch porn or kind of videos?

It completely depends on a woman. Some might be addicted to it just as you are and some might have seen that accidentally. But there are fewer chances they will tell you about their encounter with porn.

  1. Why do girls go to the washroom together?

Going to the washroom together is one bonding experience. There is no one particular answer to it. But yes we gossip, touch up, click selfies and can even exchange some needful lady products.

  1. Anger? Are you PMSing?

Our moods are not always associated with PMS. It boils our blood, even more, when our mood swings or anger is connected with PMS. Yes, PMS do affect our mood but not always we are angry because of this.

  1. Do you Fart?

Are we inhuman? Yes, we do fart. It is just that we are extremely good at being classy and hiding gross things from the public eye. We use body spray, lotions and act perfectly.

  1. Do you get naughty with yourself?

Being single is frustrating, not only we are alone but also there is no satisfaction. We all know it is easy for guys to please themselves which bring this question into the picture. Some may be happy with being busy in other things while others may sometimes want the satisfaction too.

  1. Why to splurge on makeup?

Because of stereotyped society we have, men spend their money on gadgets and video games where as woman spend their money on makeup, hair and clothes. Makeup is a kind of addiction and we love splurging on this addiction.

  1. What is your time of month actually like?

Guys just cannot understand how it is to be on periods because of their incapability to experience this. It is the time, we feel uncomfortable, exhausted and have to rush to the washroom every few hours. It is never fun. Only good thing it shows is that we are not pregnant.

  1. Do woman like doing it?

We are fortunate enough to hide when we are in mood unlike boys, this keeps boys in a state of confusion and question as to if we like doing it or not. There could be times when women will not enjoy it, but if it is with loved one, it can be amazing. We enjoy doing it as much as men do.

  1. Why does it take you so much of time to get ready?

Men are left waiting at the door until the woman appears from the room in half an hour or so. It is societal pressure baby because we are pressurized to look good and keep up with the trend. It takes a lot of time and energy to get into society accepted standards.

  1. What about period sex?

Many women do not feel comfortable doing sex while in periods because it is already so uncomfortable down there. Men want to know if period makes us horny. For someone, it is a yes because they feel they cannot do things when they seriously want to. And for others, it is already so much pain that we do not want to be touched anymore.

  1. Do you exaggerate about periods?

People think we use “I am on my periods” as an excuse to get out of things. Depending on the individual, periods can be anywhere from uncomfortable to extremely painful. It may seem that women like to make fun of having their periods and laugh about it later, but the fact of the matter is that women do not always exaggerate how bad their period is! It is a very uncomfortable experience that our bodies go through as it reacts to what is happening inside.

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