19 Things That Make Men Sexy That Has Nothing To Do With Looks!

By- Shreya Sharma

Looks do count when we are looking for our man, but once we are over that looks stage, there are many other qualities in a man that can make us drool over him. His looks can attract us to talk with him, but his qualities can make us stay with him forever. Even at times, a person with good looks cannot be a person with good qualities. And sometimes we talk about a not so handsome guy and his qualities are enough to make us go weak in knees and want to spend time with him. Here are 19 things that make men sexy that has nothing to do with looks.

  1. He is smart even when he talks

A man with confidence and intelligence is a perfect sexy combination and you will never mind listening to his sexy clever voice.


  1. He is strong

He can easily lift you up while hugging and sway you around, making you feel more feminine. Who does not want a man who can lift her up every now and then?

  1. He likes you even for your insecurities

He will love you for who you are rather than who you want to be. He will tell you that your insecurities about your body are crazy.

  1. He is a cooperative lover

He is concerned about your pleasure as well in the bedroom. And he makes sure that you get the pleasure you deserve in the bedroom. He does not stop when he is done.


  1. He is always ready to help you

It is sexy when a guy asks to help someone. Just like carrying your bags or helping you with the stuff placed on the highest shelf.

  1. He is a great planner

It is sexy when he takes the initiative and interest to plan your dates, holidays and everything else.

  1. His house is clean

He is the keeper if his room is neat and clean. It shows he is mature and well groomed.


  1. He is reliable

He is mature and responsible. He is the go-to person for his friend’s group which means everyone respects him.

  1. He is protective of his sister

He wants the best for his sister and protects her, which shows he cares deeply which is really sexy.

  1. He can turn things into a good time

It is sexy when he can find fun in any situation.


  1. He is good with dating advice

If he gives good dating advice to his friends and your friends, then he knows how to be romantic and how to make a relationship work.

  1. He can fix almost anything

You know he is good with his hands and you do not need any other man to fix things.

  1. He can cook

Coming home and finding your man ready with delicious dinner is super sexy.


  1. He can buy you pads and tampons

He is not embarrassed to run to the store and buy you tampons or pads. He will even come up with tissues, chocolates, and movies so as to pamper you during those days.

  1. He wears perfect amount of perfume

His perfume is neither too less nor too much. You love the smell of his perfume.

  1. He can pick you up when your feet hurt

When you had a fun day wearing heels and running from here to there, those last moments of getting back to home can be torture. This is when he sweeps you off your feet and helps you get to the bed.


  1. He puts you first

It is sexy when a man puts your needs above his. It makes you feel special.

  1. He warms you up when it is cold

He knows that every time you two dress up to go somewhere, you’re going to end up wearing his jacket over your strapless dress more than he is.

  1. He can handle kids

Seeing your man playing with kids gives you a glimpse of your future and makes you feel excited.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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