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17 Ways You Can Save Your Heart From Getting Crushed By Crush!

By- Shreya Sharma

Your crush too can make you feel heartbroken; you do not just need to date a guy for that. You need to be careful once you have feelings for someone because your crush can royally ignore your feelings and hurt you. Here are 17 ways you can save your heart from getting crushed by the crush.

  1. Know if he has a girlfriend

Before you start dreaming about your future with him, find out if he has the girlfriend. If he has, you need to control your feelings before they grow stronger.


  1. Like multiple guys

You can have the crush on multiple guys at once. If one of them has a girlfriend, you can think about others then.

  1. Have hobbies

Do not let the guy occupy your mind. You can think about other things as well like your hobbies.

  1. Masturbate your lust

If you cannot stop thinking about kissing your crush, then get frisky with yourself. Touch yourself, orgasm and calm down.


  1. Have higher standards

Aim to date decent guys rather than dudes. Aiming to date a dude can lead you to the broken heart.

  1. Do not believe rom coms

They are not realistic, so do not feel bad if your crush asks you out with a text instead of some grand setup.

  1. Do not fall for his looks

If you like someone for their looks, you might end up disappointed when you see his personality. Do not go crazy with a guy until you know him.


  1. Do not have unrealistic expectations

Do not think of your crush as someone he is not. He too is human and is not as perfect as you think of him.

  1. Ask him

If you have feelings for him and do not want to miss your chance, then ask him out. Do not wait for him to make the first move.

  1. Delete him for social media

Unfriend him from social media and delete his number to get him out of your mind.


  1. Distract your mind

Keep yourself busy so that you do not have the time to think about him.

  1. Seek advice from your male friends

Ask your male friends for dating advice as they might tell you something that your girls cannot tell you.

  1. Do not daydream about him

Whenever you catch yourself thinking about him, force yourself to think about something else.


  1. Do not ask him out when you are around people

Do not ask a guy out when you are with your friends. If you get rejected, it will be less painful.

  1. First, befriend with him

Instead of trying to date him, make him your friend and then you can continue.

  1. Relationships are not everything

First, learn to be happy and work on the things that make you happy before you find a boyfriend.

  1. Go out to meet more people

The more people you know, the more opportunities you will have to date. You might even find your true love.


Source –  Tumblr

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