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12 Dating Rules Every *Modern* Girl Should Live By!

By- Shreya Sharma

Mostly men are intimidated by an independent, well groomed, highly qualified and great earning girl. And we just wish that men should stop bringing their egos between them and their partner for the sake of a happy relationship. You are a girl of modern times; you do not need a guy to have a lavish life for yourself and your family. You are strong mentally, emotionally and financially and you should be with a guy who is proud to have you in his life. Here are 12 dating rules every modern girl should live by.

  1. To have your own fairytale

Even if you have the busy schedule, it is okay to wish that your man should surprise you or take you out on special dates or to pamper you. You too deserve a fairytale.


  1. You both are equals

You deserve a partner who does not look down upon you and think that you are incapable of reaching his standards because you are way beyond that. He should treat you like an equal.

  1. Relationship is not the only thing you want

This is not the only thing in your life; you have more than this in your life and your partner should respect you for this. You have your family, friends and work in your life part from your partner.

  1. Sharing the household chores equally

It is okay to cook for your man, give him a massage or do little things for him, but he too is grown up and adult and he too should share some responsibilities.


  1. To respect each other’s passion

Passion is what drives you both, so do not let the passion side away and your life turns boring. You both should support each other rather than be a trouble in each other’s choices.

  1. No dating games

Now you are the adult and you have better goals in life to achieve. This is the time for companionship and not silly games.

  1. Your ambition does not make you emotionless

Having goals and dreams to achieve does not mean that you do not have any feelings. You have a different personal and professional life, so he should not judge you.


  1. Priorities should be respected

You both have priorities. You should respect his priorities and should not come in his way and he should do the same.

  1. Do not try to change each other

You and your partner should be who you are and should change only if you are willing to. This is the only way you will be true to yourself and your relationship.

  1. To mean what you say

If your partner does not give you your space, interfere in your life, have unnecessary fights and restricts you, you are free to leave him.


  1. You are mature to decide your friends

You should never leave your friends if you man asks you to choose between the two. You too have the right to choose your friends without asking for his approval unless he has a justified reason.

  1. He cannot compel you to make decisions

There are matters your man will be totally unaware of. You can take his advice and act on them only if they make sense to you.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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